President Obama Releases a Birth Certificate

President Barack Hussein Obama released a long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, which would seem to indicate that he was born there.  Obama said the issue was “silly” and was diverting the people’s attention from the more serious issues in our country.  Sorry, no sale.

Obama spent $2 million stopping discovery in a federal law suit filed by Philip Berg.  So why would Obama spend $2 million if all he had to do was what he did today, produce his birth certificate?  Well the discovery was a little more complicated and was asking for a bit more than his birth certificate.

When Obama was a child, his mother went to Indonesia where she married one Lolo Soetoro.  Obama was adopted and his name was changed to Barry Soetoro.  Back in that day Indonesia had no dual citizenship, therefore Obama became a citizen of Indonesia.  When he and his mother returned to the United States he was sporting an Indonesian passport because he was an Indonesian citizen.

In order for Barry to become Barack Obama and be a citizen of the United States he would have had to have been naturalized and change his name, which, if it even occurred, would have still left him ineligible to be President of the United States.

These records documenting the reentry of Barry into the United States were an essential part of the discovery in the law suit. 

So is this long form birth certificate real?  At this point there is no way to know as Barry’s association with the CIA brings a third element into play.  Could the CIA forge such a document?  Absolutely.  Think about it.  There are holograms on our money.  And even if the certificate is not forged, there is still the Indonesian adoption, which it would seem is the real cause for Barry to spend $2 million to stop the discovery in the law suit.

So in the end analogy I personally am more suspicious than ever.  The timing with Donald Trump, having almost a simultaneous press release right when Obama stepped up to reveal the document is screaming “Staged Event.” 

Donald Trump cannot be trusted.  He contributes heavily to the Democratic Party, supports imminent domain for companies that want to take private property from American citizens for corporate gain, and he is without question a one world power mogul.  I believe Trump and Obama are very good friends as well as fellow actors. 

This whole event has been staged.  Donald Trump intends to trick the American people into giving him votes, not for the purpose of getting him into office, but rather to stop Ron Paul. 

No sale Barry and Donald.  All you’ve done is stir the pot.  I personally am more curious than I have ever been and more certain that Barry Soetoro is an illegal alien as sure as that Mexican who just stepped out north of the Rio Grande two minutes ago.  This is why his allegiances lie with his fellow illegals.  Barry, we see right through you.

Another issue that was brought up by Philip Berg is that this so called birth certificate listed his father’s race as “African.”  I’m sorry, but politically correct or not, the black race in 1961 was referred to as “Negroes” in government documents.  Like I said it is probably going to be a difficult deed to prove the document a forgery.  No doubt all the signatures on it belong to people that are now dead.

At any rate, this American does not believe.  God reveal the truth.

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  1. Food for Thought
    Why is the Birth Certificate without an official seal?
    Why is the Birth Certificate listed in a notebook (ledger style) with x’s and numbers in written in pencil ?
    Didn’t Obama’s list his birthdate as 8/6/1961 not 8/4/1961 on the COLB?
    Why does the BC have White House typed on the upper right corner of the page?
    Wasn’t Obama’s mother 16 or 17 years of age when he was born? if so, then his father at 25 yrs of age was having sex with a underage minor.

    Finally, why is that Trump and/or bithers focus solely on the BC issue? Why have they not brought into focus the legitimacy of other documents used by Obama?

    1. He lies like a dog in cat skin. Definitely a CIA plant. I just finished reading a book titled ” The Secret History of the CIA ” by Joseph J. Trento, whose been an investigative reporter for 40 years, and believe me, those sneaky bastards are capable of trying anything. And they are working for the international corporate mafia. They have been doing corporation’s ( U.S. and otherwise ) dirty work for 60 years. Barry is the Manchurian Candidate. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a 1962 movie, starring Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey, based on a best selling novel from the same period. There’s a newer version of the movie out, but not as good. J.F.K. read the book a year before he got whacked by ………guess who ? Watch Frankie’s version……it might explain our present situation. Uh,oh…..somebodies pounding on the door ! LOL I hope.

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