8 thoughts on “Proof Ferguson was Planned

  1. This guy is difficult to stomach, not to discredit the info. he sets forth, yet he comes off like some bad arse, just rubs me the wrong way!!!!! And his solution, “your either going to go to the ballot box or to the bullet box.”
    O.K., so if I was stupid enough to vote, then all troubles would end and there’d be no need for bullets, right? Wake up mister, or are you working for the enemy.

    1. I’m confused about this guy, too. Not sure if he is working for the enemy or is controlled opposition or is just an asshole.

  2. By the way, at the 53 second mark, isn’t he the same guy that was in this video at the 38 second mark faking it with CNN? So as I said, is he working for the enemy or is he controlled opposition or just an asshole?

    1. Not sure when this above vid was made, but yeah he looks like Dan Page the retired cop that is in the vid Missy posted. Definately is the arse part. Still not credible because he promotes the ballot box.

  3. I remember the original video and i thought the dude was weird ,, but with that said, he is in that video posted above…. looks to me as if he is an agent provocateur and then some….

  4. I remember him too.
    He seems to me to be one of those guys that enjoys knowing what others dont. The way he pauses after saying he has a clearence STILL.
    He knows that he will look foolish to some and a light weight newbie to the rest. And how he acts as though only he has seen a hard core motha operate. It spreads dis-ease of hopelessness to everyone. It gets Martha to tell George to stop buying ammo and food. For they are already dead. IT is that one aspect of him alone that shows me he is working for himself with the help of tptb.

    Do you know what happens to an officer that denies admiting the president has authority over him????
    They dont say “oh well, if you dont like him(potus) its ok, here you go and dont forget your pension. 1 more thing… Is it ok if we keep you clearenced and give you briefings about how we plan to destroy this country?”
    F N B S (effin bull stuff)

  5. However, one thing he does say that I think sounds about right is at the 1:20 mark where he says that the government will not call it Martial Law, but will call it “Emergency Police Powers” or EPP.

  6. I’ve talked to former US marines, and their attitude was disturbing. Arogant, condescending tward me and the rest of the population. I also noted a believe of invincibility. I reminded these guys of Chisin reservoir, Korean War, and that one of my relatives chewed some of the same dirt as the 10th corps, and watched them get defeated by a bunch of “slot eyed” little people. Also I reminded them that there won’t in the coming civil war be any safe haven of a “Green Zone”, and that we the American people would give their lot as much quarter as the Branch Devidians were afforded if they were STUPID enough to bare arms against the American people.

    Didn’t even put a dent in their thick heads! Astonishing. Now these were not dumb people by any means, but they really do think of themselves as superior and our masters. Sickening.

    It is pure EVIL that is in a lot of these guys hearts. As for this chap? time will tell. When this dust up starts we’ll see what he really believes. Who knows. Maybe he was trying to get a point across as to the urgency of the emergency that is coming and we’d better be prepared to fight the toughest bunch of daemons ever assembled.

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