3 thoughts on “Proof/Paris False Flag/Brothers Framed and Murdered

  1. Holy Shit! It’s time to break out Major Matt Mason. Does anybody remember who or what that is? It means I was “Born in the 50s”, just like The Police song.
    Seriously, this is a great video picking up the car mirror anomaly.
    Terrorism theater. With horribly bad actors. 0 Stars.
    Eric Holder is going to France? I guess he’s trying to figure out how they pulled this off so well, he thinks. What a waste of space.
    Let’s hope he stays there…or flies there on a Malaysian airline of some sort. LOL! I’m sure we’ll have no such luck. Or maybe he’s looking for asylum from extradition for high treason? Are G-Dub, Cyborg Cheny and Rummy going, too?
    This ruling criminal cabal is running out of time and they are getting desperate. That makes them extremely dangerous.
    Stay frosty, my friends!

    1. Geez. I just googled Major Matt Mason and I was overwhelmed by the info there. I thought was an obscure 1960s boyhood toy reference, but the Internet puts everything at our fingertips.
      The internet may help save our humanity and our lives if it doesn’t get shut down by the criminal cabal running things in this world. We need to fight for its independance as hard as anything else we are confronted with.

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