Public Service Announcement – BLM Radio Repeater Info


Western Rifle Shooters

From over the transom.

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Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

From over the transom:

Get me a good picture of the helicopter tail number being used by the contract ranchers, and I can get you a registered owner.

Live scanner feed for Clark County:

Here are the local NV National Guard air assets and the Clark County trunked systems.

Confirmed Frequency for:
CH-47 Chinook Heavy Helicopter Air/Air Channel
Nevada Army National Guard
1-189th General Aviation Support Battalion/Bravo Company
Based at Reno-Stead
032.3500 MHz/150.0 Hz (Confirmed)

Nevada Air National Guard 152nd Air Wing
280.0000 MHz AM NVANG 152nd AW Operations
378.4000 MHz AM NVANG 152nd AW Command post
388.8500 MHz AM NVANG 152nd AW Operations

Aircraft Radio Preset Channel Numbers
01: 234.9000 Red Flag Squadron Common
02: 289.4000 Nellis AFB Clearance Delivery
03: 275.8000 Nellis AFB Ground Control
04: 327.0000 Nellis AFB Control Tower
05: 385.4000 Nellis AFB Approach/Departure South
06: 273.5500 Nellis AFB Approach/Departure North and Class B
07: 317.5250 Nellis Control (Las Vegas Area)
08: 254.4000 Nellis Control (Beatty, Restricted Areas)
09: 305.6000 Supervisor of Flying (SOF) 57 FW-Bullseye Control
10: 321.1000 Nellis Air Emergency/Single Frequency Approach (“Alpha”)
11: 270.1000 Nellis ATIS
12: 360.6250 Creech AFB Tower
13: 289.3000 Caliente MOA Range Control (“Jeddi GCI”)
15: 377.8000 TTR / Ft. Irwin MOA Range Control “Blackjack”
16: 357.1000 Elgin MOA Range Control “Boneyard”
17: 377.1000 LA Center ARTCC Low
18: 352.0500 LA Center ARTCC High Clark County trunked system


One thought on “Public Service Announcement – BLM Radio Repeater Info

  1. you all can listen to the scanner application for ipad- and monitor the BLM while it does it thing against freedom… even on your iphone as long as you have signal you can listen to find out what is really going on –

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