2 thoughts on “Putin Says World War III Is Inevitable Because Of Obama And NWO

  1. I didn’t watch the video but for me there are some serious dots starting to connect. I don’t want to be a fearmonger like Hodges or Jones because I could be wrong. I will say keep an eye on the scumbag rich porn peddling Hollywood Jews. If they all decide to take an extended vacation somewhere far away all at the same time then the shit is about to get real. They’ll do anything to get out of reaping what they’ve sown.

  2. I did watch the video and you pegged it accurately tc. Barack Obama is Hitler’s wet dream. Upon his election, jubilation of racial unity could have been achieved, if that was your goal. However, if you happen to pitch your tent in Obama’s camp these days, there will be no discussion of racial unity or solving any national policy issues. In Obama’s world, we remain in a state of limbo, teetering on the edge of WWIII, all for which Obama merrily walks off to see the wizard with. This is why any political debate on who should be the next president and the birther issue with Ted Cruz and that other wetback beaner are just moot points. Hillary has torpedoed herself with e-mailgate, Wailing wall Paul has yet to toss his Zionist hat into the ring, and I’m not sure if Pat Paulson is still alive to throw his parody into the mix. And then we get it boiled down to Jeb Bush. Those in the know say he has a few more IQ points than his retarded brother but that is not my concern when discussing the Bush Family Evil Empire. Bill and Hillary most certainly are tied in with this cabal and await orders from their masters sitting side by side. Remember the commercials with Bill and George H. W. Bush hawking for your hard earned money to relieve the victims of their policies while in office. And they walk around like their shit don’t stink while charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity are on the table at the ICC. Why do we allow these criminals a “get out of jail free” card when the evidence of their crimes slap everyone in the face? As usual, they’ll sit back in their “think tanks” and muzzle a ball-busting headline until they need a distraction to deflect their next atrocity. These son’s of bitches need to be exposed as the dirty dogs they really are and anyone affiliated with either deserves the same fate. A simple hanging by the neck somehow doesn’t square things as far as the evil they have imposed on us all. These creatures have been and always will have everything they do sanctioned by Israel who sits behind the curtain orchestrating the whole production.

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