Radical Eco-Terrorist Groups Plan ‘Summer of Chaos’ to Disrupt America by Kyle Becker

Far-left climate activists from Europe are orchestrating a campaign of civil disobedience to trigger a “summer of chaos” in the United States, aiming to bring entire cities to a standstill, according to a recent report. Extinction Rebellion (XR) and other European groups known for their disruptive tactics are expanding their presence in the US through the franchise “Declare Emergency.” Their objective is to create widespread disruption and mayhem on American soil.

Leaked information from a videoconference revealed that European activists have been training new recruits in the US, teaching them strategies to raise funds, increase membership, and identify individuals willing to participate in aggressive protests and potentially violent riots. While these groups have successfully mobilized tens of thousands of protesters and caused substantial economic losses in Europe, it remains to be seen whether they can replicate the same scale of disruption in the US.

Roger Hallam, co-founder of XR and Declare Emergency, announced plans to aggressively recruit 1,000 members in the coming weeks, and claimed to have raised $1 million recently. Despite the limited impact of Declare Emergency in the US so far, which involved incidents such as vandalizing artwork and blocking roads, Hallam believes that significant disruption is possible in the US, citing past civil rights protests and the 2020 George Floyd riots as examples.

Declare Emergency, which advocates for President Joe Biden to declare a national climate crisis and take immediate action to reduce pollution, collaborates with overseas activists through the A22 Network. This network includes groups such as France’s Last Renovation and Germany’s Last Generation, known for their disruptive actions, including temporarily halting the Tour de France and engaging in clashes with the German police.

While the activists discussed hunger strikes and highway disruptions in their teleconference, specific protest plans were not disclosed. However, they expressed a focus on Washington, D.C., and New York City as targets. The group’s social media organizer, Tim Martin, who has been indicted for conspiring to damage artwork, anticipated further attacks on federal properties like museums.

Despite the ambitions of the activists, they face challenges in maintaining cohesiveness and have expressed frustration with ideological disagreements hindering action. Activists from Last Renovation emphasized the importance of launching Europe-style climate protests in the US, disregarding China’s status as the world’s largest polluter. The discussion did not mention any plans to protest against the Chinese Communist Party.

Recent European climate protests have attracted tens of thousands of participants, disrupted private jet trade fairs, and blocked airports. The Biden administration and other governments globally have set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to “green” energy sources. This green energy transition, however, does not feature zero-emission nuclear energy or low-emission natural gas.

John Kerry, the US climate envoy, has suggested that farmers should reduce food production to meet the administration’s climate goals. Kerry’s remarks sparked controversy as he emphasized the need to mitigate methane emissions, targeting livestock farming and suggesting a reduction in meat consumption to save the planet.

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