7 thoughts on “Rain predicted in the midwest. They’re starting already.

  1. I was in the parking lot of our pet store a couple of days ago with one of my dogs. I was watching one of the spray planes pass over head. It was spraying a steady stream, then it started sputtering and shut off. It was more than obvious that it was being shut off by the pilot.
    But the sheeple just keep their blinders on and see nothing but their iphones.

    1. That’s all I see day in and day out here in Dallas, Bulldog. I look up in shock and frustration and the sheeple look at their cellphones.

  2. I was at the Honda dealer yesterday and when I came out, they were all over the damn the sky. So blatant and obvious. Some of them even appeared to be spraying lower than usual. All the while, not ONE person bothered to look up nor even gave the slightest glance. As I said yesterday, the sheeple were more worried about Joan Rivers’ death than the coming death of themselves and their country.


  3. My wife still maintains they (the skies) have always looked like that…they are contrails (nothing more). If she was in her 20’s that would be true…

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