Raw video of Oklahoma man’s arrest before he died in custody

Published on Feb 25, 2014 – by KFOR NewsChannel 4 OKC

Police arrested Luis Rodriguez in Moore, Oklahoma, Feb. 15, 2014. It took five officers to subdue him. He later died in police custody.
His family attorney has just released cell phone video showing some of what happened the night he died in custody.
Luis’ wife, Nair, took the video.

Get the complete details on the arrest and death of Luis Rodriguez from Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 KFOR-TV:http://link.kfor.com/1fn95XC


3 thoughts on “Raw video of Oklahoma man’s arrest before he died in custody

  1. WOW, That lady is either drunk, a foreigner, or a card or two from a full deck if ya`ll know what I`m saying. However in any case she atleast is trying to support her husband, and that is good of her. Yea the cops playing good cop – the one talking to her, and then there is the dastardly bad cops, the ones who have the guy os the ground restraing him.
    cops really are the low lifes.Just who do the cops think that they are.

    1. Yea, I guess that she was a foreigner from what I read in another article on this. I feel sorry for her and the guy but they should have stayed in their own country of origin imoho.
      Yea 5 cops – 2 on duty and 3 off duty moonlighting as security guards – HA AND TWO OF THOSE 3 WERE OKLAHOMA DEPTARTMENT OF WILDLIFE officers dig that eh guys!!! and those two were two of the three that wer on admin. leave !!!
      Yea, three of them dirty bastard cops are on administerd leave just as expexted. As usual they probobly will not see a day in jail or prison where they should be like the rest of us would be.
      Yea “to protect and Searve ” means their own self centered cop type kind and they have proven that more than enough.
      Time for every cop to have that proverbial bulls eye on their bodies.

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