Report from steadily increasing radiation in Hawaii.

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In response to a Hawaii based news blogger who puts full effort into his work, he asks an innocent question….are we in danger from Fukushima.

I answered with the following. 


I have been measuring radiation regularly on Oahu since about 9 months after Fukushima when I got my first Geiger.   I ending up shipping that one to a Japanese family with young kids who really needed it.   Then I bought another.

Oahu has been steady at around 12000 clicks per 8 hour period.   That is 25 clicks per minute.

Amazing, in round numbers, Oahu in the last 3 weeks has been 14400 clicks per 8 hours, or 30 clicks per minute

This is a stable 20% increase, probably due to radiation in the water finally making its way here.    this will be cesium and strontium, as well as uranium and plutonium ALL which are quite nasty.

This is not an emergency level.
At 100 clicks per minute for 1 year, you stand a significant chance of increase in cancer, but keep in mind, cancer in not the only end result of radiation, all kinds of weakness and openings for disease.

At 500 clicks per minutes for 90 days, you stand a significant chance of increase in cancer.

Fukushima continues to spews radiation into the air through steam releases from under ground coriums at water level (varies with tides).   Also TEPCO has large dug earthen pool with flimsy liners that were meant for final treatment water, but the final treatment system still has not been certified, so they have been putting highly concentrated strontium water in there.    The cesium was mostly removed by the initial treatment system.    Strontium is far more dangerous than cesium, as it acts like calcium and goes direct to the bones and doesn’t leave.    Leukemia is a likely result, as well as other bone disease, and blood disease and weakness.

These large earthen pools were formed with 4mil PVC liner.   Your average architectural or fish pond liner in Hawaii would be made with 20 mil or 30 mil liner.

In the last 2 weeks, there are 5 to 7 really large earthen pools that TEPCO has admitted as leaking badly, these used to hold the highly dangerous and highly concentrated Strontium.

Also, some coriums remain in the reactor vessels (all the vessels are breached) and beneath the vessels.   They have been pouring water on them for YEARS to minimize the amount of criticality which releases massive radiation, they sometimes fail.

They also fail in keeping the spent fuel pool powered up with cooling circulating pumps, having failed three times in the last 6 weeks.    TEPCO is getting worse at their task of protecting the world.   They have no financial incentive to do this right.  The spent fuel pools are far more dangerous than the coriums if that is possible to believe.    There is far most mass in the spent fuel pools, and the nasty isotopes are higher..

TEPCO has no right to be in charge of this plant anymore.

I have studied this situation several thousand hours, and have a masters degree in the relevant sciences to understand it.

The world is in harm, several tens of billions of USD needs to be dedicated to accelerate the reduction of radioactive emissions.

There are nuclear and US security implications for why no real action is being taken.   The nuclear village has failed us again.

6 thoughts on “Report from steadily increasing radiation in Hawaii.

  1. Sadly, the only monies being printed are dedicated to saving banks, and preserving the continuity of war.

    It’s amazing that people actually believe their governments care anything about them other than for their labor production and taxation – and to die in foreign wars of conquest.

    1. Alpha lipoic acid?? I have to look that up…I never heard of it. Is that a cancer preventing chemical or radiation protection?

      I’ve just been stuffing my diet with cancer preventive foods and I’m hoping that does the trick.

      1. JR, alpha lipoic acid is what the Russians gave the teens and pre-teens near Chernoble. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock (one of my favorite researchers) it lowered ALL of their radiation levels to normal, and in some cases even below normal, information you WON’T find in any medical journals or papers. (As if they WANT us to be healthy)

        I take 600 mgs, every morning. There’s not nearly enough in our food, with the amount of radiation bombarding us daily from Fukushima.

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