Report says feds have uncovered “credible, specific plans” to attack US power grid

Breaking 911

The Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security says extremist groups are plotting to target the country’s power grid.

According to a document obtained by the Associated Press, anti-Government extremists “have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020.” 

The report was dated Monday.

“[Domestic extremists are] adhering to a range of ideologies will likely continue to plot and encourage physical attacks against electrical infrastructure,” the document says.

A federal official told the AP, “They feel that disrupting the electrical supply will disrupt the ability of government to operate. And, secondly, by conducting attacks against the communications and electrical infrastructure, it will actually accelerate the coming civil war that they anticipate because it will disrupt the lives of so many people that they will lose faith in government.”

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Breaking 911

6 thoughts on “Report says feds have uncovered “credible, specific plans” to attack US power grid

  1. Of course they have documents outlining credible, specific plans to do this. It’s called their payroll. The only time they would openly say this is to poison the well and implant the idea of the “extremist ideology, far right, domestic terrorist”, most likely with a “white supremacist” tone. If it were real, you would never hear about it because they wouldn’t let out what they’re on to. The only people that have committed terrorist acts on the civilian population here and infrastructure were the commies who were allowed to in the riots that saw rapes, murders, thefts, destruction of property.

  2. Here is some Intelligence, we the people know who these groups are, DHS, CIA, FBI, FDA, FED, CDC, ATF, EDA, FTA, DOF, DOT, BLM, DOI AND YOUR LOCAL PIGS. by The way Associated Press, is owned by the Rothschild’s.

  3. there are no terrorists OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT! we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and called THEM terrorists and insurgents. WHEN something bad happens IT WILL BE the govt.. corporation . amazing how they can thwart a bombing by a Down syndrome REtard.. but just have no clue how to find these “extremists” .. you will know they did it because when the lights go out THEY will have miraculously saved 1 radio frequency that they’ll use to give us vital life saving information.. god I wanna throw up just typing those words! .. The chair is against the wall.. John has a long moustache… as Henry says.. see it for what it is..

  4. Right. “Far right extremists” pulled that “Texas Big Freeze” catastrophe last February…. Thank God our heat tape around the pipes under the house kept on working! El Paso’s power never went out since they are tied to Democrat-run New Mexico….nor did Presidio’s–they are tied to Ojinaga, Mexico! Our son had a 10,000 W gas generator to use but still got some ice-roof damage. Daughter had none for three days. No “rolling blackouts” out here; while we had power throughout (power grid tied to another town), the closest town had none and many lost their pipes…

    And since creepy Joe is on a vendetta against Texas as well as Florida…. I expect another Big Freeze in February.

  5. they got words in the wrong place in that title

    it goes like this
    “credible terroristic threats made by the feds , to attack our power grid (and blame , oh lets see white supremacist’s) , have been uncovered ”

    they said transparency in government .. id say this was very transparent

  6. Wasn’t one of the first executive orders of Biden suspending protections that limited the ability of China to control our power grid? I am sure if you read through what he has signed you can find out a lot.

    Under Biden’s EO 13990 he suspended the protections that were put into place with Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020.
    EO 13990: Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science To Tackle the Climate Crisis

    Here is the federal registry (note that Biden just signed another executive order recently adding measles as something you can be quarantined for). He’s rather busy signing things and there is so much of interest.

    Considering Google was helping China years ago to censor its population. Hmm… and what is youtube (google owned) and google doing now? Significant and unregulated migration into the US (we literally could have large amount of foreign military within our borders), weakened military, pitting American citizens against each other (this was close to what they did in their own country and it worked to take more power). We left billions of dollars of military equipment in Afghanistan in which some was given to China. Now you have a race between us and China for finding our lost military aircraft that was just “lost” in the ocean.

    It seems China is taking us down from within and its working. No “extremists” are needed to take down America as it seems already planned. Also, isn’t China really interested in America losing our gun ownership rights too?

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