Rick Perry and Mitt Romney – End Famine in Somalia – Feed Them the Corporate Elite

Well as expected the mainstream media is trying to interpret the CNN debate as an exclusive for Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, which is A-OK with me.  I love watching these two jerks step up center stage and argue the question as to who is sleazier.  I think these early propaganda pieces have been designed to bring forth the treason both have committed and get the people used to listening to it before the campaign commercials start.

Mitt Romney is a plastic socialist with a long history of catering to the corporate elite and the kosher mafia he serves, and it was kind of fun watching Rick Perry try to explain why he signed an unconstitutional executive order to force 10 – 12 year old girls to take the Gardasil shot, which is supposed to protect women from cervical cancer that is sexually transmitted.  So is he a pedophile or did he force these girls to take this shot for his elitist buddies in the pharmaceutical industry that created it?

Perry said he was insulted when Michele Bachmann suggested that he could be bought for $5000.  Many were thinking that he was trying to say that his price for betraying us would be higher.  I believe the reason he snapped forward with the disclaimer was to preserve his notoriety as a two-dollar whore.  Had he let the statement stand, potential bribers would have thought they couldn’t even get in the game for less than $5000.

The social communist Wolf Blitzer seemed to be working overtime to portray the GOP race as exclusively between Perry and Romney, even shunning the old establishment traitor, Newt Gingrich.

If you look at it logically, CNN the communist news network, historically pushes for the liberal socialists, whereas FOX pushes for the neo-cons.  Now if you believe that a true divide exists between the left and right, which no thinking person does anymore, wouldn’t those on the left be pushing for the candidate on the right that they believed could be most easily beaten by their sitting president?

I think Ron Paul has done more through his run for president to point out the one party system than any other in the past.  These two factions, the false left and the false right who pretend they cannot agree on anything, do agree on one thing absolutely, and that is that they, as a single unit, CNN and FOX, must do everything in their power to stop Ron Paul.  Their desperation is obvious as the mediators put forth every ounce of their pathetically limited acting skills to try and pretend that these one hour presentations of pre-rehearsed campaign slogans actually represent an exchange of ideas and philosophies.

Honestly, Ron Paul is the only one of them that looks and sounds like a normal human being.

I think I will journey to wherever it is necessary to be present when Wolf Blitzer is marched down the plank and onto the deportation barge.  Hell, I might even take one of the confiscated yachts and lay off the Somali coast just to get a glimpse of Wolf’s face when the starving Somalians yank him onshore by his barbeque sauce necklace.  Wolf Blitzer puts an old face on sleaze and I wish him the worst.

As for these neo-cons, who no doubt are spending millions to bring their cheerers and jeerers to these debates, I tell you we know who you are and what you are and we have a truckload of barbeque sauce necklaces for you too.

And oh yes, we are going to keep saying it over and over again until the elitist scum are hearing it in their nightmares.  Ron Paul is going to win this election.  He cannot be stopped as he is backed by the American people of the American race who are the overwhelming majority.  And when our Republic is reinstated under our Constitution we will kick back in luxury as we watch the traitors suffer the misery they so richly deserve.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Rick Perry and Mitt Romney – End Famine in Somalia – Feed Them the Corporate Elite

  1. You nailed it once again, Henry.
    Every time my Hubby sees Rick Perry’s face, all I hear is “Phony”… “Liar.” (Being 8th and 6th generation Texans, raised in Bryan/College Station, we can speak from experience). However, I must tell you that I almost fell out of my chair when I heard him scream (in his thick Texas accent) during Perry’s 1st debate, “Rick Perry Sucks Big Green Hairy Donkey Dicks!” (Just thought I’d share that quote, for a bit of a laugh. Sorry for being crude. 🙂 ) Anyway, for Perry ” Two dollar whore” is a compliment.
    Ron Paul is the only sane, rational person there.

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