4 thoughts on “Rockefeller said…

  1. Sounds like Mr. Rockefeller is realizing that we’re not quite as dumb as he thought we were.

  2. When you buy Mobil gasoline….the letter o is red….the letters mbil are blue. The red letter o used to be the symbol for Rockefeller oil. I’m old because I remember Esso before it became Exxon….and gas was 42 cents a gallon. Every every time a form of energy comes along to reduce dependence on Saudi and foreign oil….they drop their prices greatly to keep us chasing a dangling carrot…every time! No new refineries have been built in the US since 1977….Excuses like hurricanes on the Gulf Coast are BS. Who owns those refineries now too?

    1. China???? I remember Esso too, I was living in baton rouge not far from a refinery when one night….
      I don’t remember the year. I was just a boy..
      But I do remember shaking the glass off my bed from the shattered window…..

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