Roller Cycle on Grass

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The Roller Cycle is a personal power accelerator that takes you safely up to 25 MPH on inline skates and skateboards. The powerful, two-cycle, 40.1 cc engine enables intermediate to advanced skaters to tackle any terrain.

Check out the safety video and this is a demonstration video of the Roller Cycle doing everything…

Don’t be fooled! This is exercise. Roller Cycle is an extreme workout as the force of the motor travels through the body. You feel the burn in your legs, the burn in your arms, as if you were traveling down a snow filled mountain. The same kind of energy is exerted and is a grueling exercise.

Roller Cycle inventor Greg Rosenwald cruising on grass at 25 MPH on Pine & Varee Roads cross the border between NE Philadelphia and Montgomery County..

This video is being used for the construction page of the new until the new Flash web site to be released in 2011.

Describing a prototype model, Fortune Magazine, wrote the following:

“Extreme was a word tossed around a lot at the Super Show- meaning daring, risky, unboring, cutting-edge. And nothing was more extreme than the Roller Cycle, which even when seen, can’t be quite believed. An in-line skater leans into a yoke around his hips. Behind him and attached to this yoke around his hips, is a small gasoline motor driving a wheel in contact with the ground. A tug or two on the starting cord and vrooom! – the skater looking like he is being chased down the street by a rototiller, is off, propelled forward at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. He can, if he likes, tow one or more unmotorized skaters behind him.”

Roller Cycle’s press has been extensive over the last several years since the first prototype was created. It never fails to catch people’s attention from the moment they see it in operation. To date, here is a list of television, Internet and magazine articles which Roller Cycle has been featured:

• Discovery Channel
• Learning Channel
• Fortune Magazine
• The Wall Street Journal
• Popular Science
• Popular Mechanics
• Philadelphia Inquirer
• Philadelphia Daily News
• Bucks Courier Times
• Fox 10 O’clock News {3 times}
• ABC Don Polec’s World {2 Times} & Good Morning America
• NBC Today Show{2 Times}
• Donahue
• Real TV
• AXN (TV Program)
• Pro 7 TV (Germany)

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  1. What if he hits an obstruction such as a rock or tree? This guy is going to look silly with that Roller Cycle shaft sticking out of his @ss.

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