The Road to America

Everyone has their own vision in their own mind’s eye of what America is, and what they try to see is what they like most about the place. Some people see America as a shining beacon of freedom and justice for the world to emulate. Some people see our country as a fountain of wealth. Many people believe that America represents the pinnacle of human achievement, and some see boundless natural beauty. It has the fairest form of government the world has ever seen, enjoyed by a population with the world’s highest standard of living. What’s not to like about the place?

The dreams have been shattered, like every dream; revealed to be only an illusion upon waking up.  

The justice system that defined impartiality and fairness is now only a gear in a new slavery machine. The wealth we were due to enjoy is being drained through fraud. The boundless natural beauty now belongs to the U.N. or China. What were once the free elections of our representative government, are now only competitions between sycophants in hacked computer games.

The Bill of Rights has been debated out of existence, without a shot being fired, and the U.S. Constitution is just an antiquated document, which of course, needs to be replaced by something that immediately gives all wealth and power over to the Zionists, just to make it official.

In short, whatever it is that you liked most about America is now gone, and all that remains are the illusions of what America once was. This is why many people refuse to wake up.

There’s no more freedom, there’s no more money, and there’s no more justice. We exist under a brutal tyranny of violent cops and cruel, crooked judges. We’re overtaxed fiscally, and overtaxed physically, with long hours of labor necessary just to just to eat and remain domiciled.

But yet, people cling to the illusions rather than face the facts, and they enjoy the dream by remaining detached. There’s always a football game, a rock concert, a movie to watch or a party to attend somewhere, and these distractions allow the dream to live for another day, but only in their own mind’s eye.

Eventually the reality awakens us all, either by firsthand experience, or the discovery of knowledge, and the reality we all face today, whether we choose to see it or not, doesn’t paint a pretty picture for our immediate future.

There is however, in the bottom of this Pandora’s box that America has become, the eternal presence of hope of what America can once again be. That personal dream you have of what it is or was that made America the greatest nation in the world, will be bestowed upon us all, just as you too will frolic in the dreams of other Americans.

You see, all of our dreams of what America was, and all of our hopes of what it can be, have all grown from the founding documents and principles of this great nation, and since that’s the case, all of these dreams are easily restored, and not to their illusionary state, but to a reality that we can all enjoy.

The America of your dreams is gone, but the real America of our future is alive and well, and living within the American people. We only have to realize that our hope and salvation lies within our common goals, and our common possession.

The only things that all Americans possess are written in the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and our common goal needs to be their restoration if we ever hope to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ever again.

We need to unite and fight for the morals and principles that accompany the documents, and allow them to be the glue that binds us in unison against the brutal tyranny that’s now reducing our lives to ruins.

Let our founding documents, which already turned millions of dreams into reality, once again make us indivisible, in our fight for liberty, and justice for all.

But of course, it would be wrong to speak of making dreams come true without addressing the reality involved. Our nation has been seized from within, and the infiltrators can’t be expected to give up their ill-gotten gains easily. It should be fairly obvious to all that we’ll never live in freedom again, unless we’re willing to fight for it, and in fact, we’ll probably not be able to live at all, without fighting for our lives too.

In order for any of us, or all of us to survive this mess, we’ll all need to forget about race, religion, sex and money, and instead grow our unity, and strength, out of what we all have in common; the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and of course, our common enemy.

By this time, everyone knows who was behind 9-11, unless they’re still afraid to know, and it’s hard to imagine a more obvious proof that you’re being attacked, who your enemy is, and what they’re capable of.

This isn’t a battle of lawyers or political candidates. A very real and violent war is being waged upon you. It began with propaganda, headed straight for terror, and then moved on to chemical and biological warfare.

The economic assault waits in the wings, and with it, the dire, and preventable suffering that always accompanies extreme poverty.

The only road to avoiding the suffering and building the dream lies in the willingness of Americans to stand up and defend their God-given rights as they have so bravely done before. All Americans have a civic duty to defend their nation, and all men have a natural duty to protect their families. It’s NOT someone else’s job, and nothing will be given back to us without a fight. The only road to America will be paved by the citizens militia, because only there will you find the people willing to fight to restore the American dream. It’s naive to think it will be returned any other way.

How do you get back to America? Just follow your local militia, and if you don’t have one, start one. They’re the only people who know the way.        — Jolly Roger 

“It’s a republic, if you can keep it”.  – Ben Franklin, in response to being asked “what type of government have you given us?”

5 thoughts on “The Road to America

  1. J.R., your entire view on our current state of affairs and your well pursed words to remedy our malaise are masterfully enveloped in your article. Discussing the American dream of how things would be had we retained and enforced our Bill of Rights and Constitution makes one yearn for yesteryear. I am hopeful in these dark times that there still is a beacon of freedom that will help guide us in our fight to restore our republic. Thank you for your article. It brought me to tears brother.

  2. I was born in Jewland not America, I pray and hope that one day we have the real Bill of Rights and Constitution. It will be one hell of a fight and many will die, I hope to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, because, I have not played their game! I am their enemy.

  3. JR this is a superb and very well written article. I intend on printing this article to share with my husband later. Excellent, excellent!

  4. Very good article, JR. All too true.

    Our greatest enemy (in the propaganda war, at least) isn’t even flesh & blood…


  5. Thanks, guys. Real nice of you to say these things, and I appreciate it. I’m convinced that we will have our country back. We’re going to win.

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