7 thoughts on “Rolling Stone cover

  1. Because he is canadian. Born catholic, studied Buddhism and now identifies as anglic. Just another lying scumbag elitist. The son of a scumbag pm and was born while his dad ran canada.
    That’s why.

  2. This guy is about important to me as a pyramid shaped rock in my shoe. Who gives a damn?

  3. Yep, Rolling Stone–who puts a rock band (two guys and a gal) on a cover soaked in blood, naked….it’s signature “journalist” (Hunter S. Thompson) is a pedophile and watcher of Satanic rituals….and clearly supports abominations like abortions, sex changes, and Aleister Crowleyian “Do What Thou Wilt” crapola…my forthcoming novel exposes this rag as the elitist cocksucker it really is!

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