Ron Paul Highlights – CNN Tea Party Debate

Stats from the debate:

Talking Time (mm:ss):

Perry 13:54
Mitt 10:56
Ron Paul 07:34
Bachmann 08:35
Newt 07:32
Herman 05:42
Santorum 07:06
Huntsman 07:50
Total 1:09:09

% of Total Talking Time:

Perry 20.10%
Mitt 15.81%
Ron Paul 10.94%
Bachmann 12.41%
Newt 10.89%
Herman 8.24%
Santorum 10.27%
Huntsman 11.33%

# Turns Talking:

Perry 18
Mitt 10
Ron Paul 7
Bachmann 8
Newt 5
Herman 6
Santorum 7
Huntsman 7

Avg Time Between Turns:

Perry 02:37
Mitt 04:40
Ron Paul 07:19
Bachmann 06:29
Newt 09:44
Herman 08:45
Santorum 06:30
Huntsman 07:19

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul Highlights – CNN Tea Party Debate

  1. It is beyond painfully obvious that they want the country to believe that they must choose between Romney and Perry as either one of those brainless idiots will suit their purposes nicely. The American people are behind Ron Paul, to try and deceive us with such blatant propaganda is so stupid that I feel the people who fall for it should go for a lobotomy. The reason you see deployment of troops and equipment all over the country is because they know that when (not if) they try to put the puppet of their choosing into office, it will be the last straw. We the people of the United States of America are sick to death of this corruption and flat out bullshit!

  2. People are watching closely. Ron Paul was left off of the CNN poll after the debate. Young people are mad as hell.

  3. the corruption is never going to stop untill we clean house.they know shit is abought to go down there all going to hide behind there marshall law when finally inforce it and then it’s going to late for us i say revolution now

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