12 thoughts on “RT Anchor Quits on Air

    1. Yep, there you go. Kinda ridiculous how she says she is a proud American, only to go to CNN which is proudly UN-American.

      1. Yes, as soon as I watched the video the first time, I was thinking she has to be an Obama supporter!!
        And next thing you know, there she is on CNN!


        1. Obama should offer that poor girl some tissues to wipe-off her mouth after she gets-up off her knees. She positively sucks (at reading scripts). Her lines were difficult because its getting harder every day in the USA to say “I’m proud to be an American”.

  1. It’s the Matrix and we are aware and we know how deep the rabbit hole goes. It is great that we see so much and know how the games are played.

  2. So what? RT is just another controlled opposition media source, like Press TV is….not as stupid as Alex Jones, but still…

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