5 thoughts on “Rudolph Deisel

  1. This is not quite accurate.
    Her Diesel called his invention the “heat engine” as it uses heat rather than a spark plug to cause ignition.
    Also, he was on a ferry to England, headed to a meeting with Lord Rothschild in an effort to get financial backing to expand his manufacturing. He got on the boat but never got off. No body, no evidence. His notes, shop and equipment were all stollen…I bet you’ll never guess by whom! I’d blame Hillary if I could… It sounds like her style.
    His story is fascinating… Look him up!

  2. Found dead floating in the ocean, 1913. I recall some time ago a piece speculating that Deisel was murdered, thrown overboard, by German agents prior to WW1.

    It was suspected, to prevent the possibility of his genius from being used against Germany’s soon to be–war effort.

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