Russian Actor and Putin Adversary Alexei Devotchenko Found Dead in Moscow

Truth Dig – by Kasia Anderson

On Wednesday evening, 49-year-old Russian actor Alexei Devotchenko was discovered dead in a pool of his own blood in Moscow. In recent years he had been a prominent and public critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Whether those facts are related, or if linking them would represent another instance of mistaking correlation for causation, wasn’t yet known as the news of Devotchenko’s passing spread Thursday.   

Variety relayed word, culled from Russian sources, that at least one quoted “official” is considering the possibility that Devotchenko’s death was due to criminal activity. Meanwhile, The Guardian offered a mixed bag of reports and speculation:

The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear, but investigators told Russian news agencies that there were no signs of a violent death and that an autopsy was being carried out.

Fellow actor Stanislav Sadalsky wrote on his blog that, according to his information, Devotchenko had been murdered.

As well as taking part in dozens of anti-Kremlin protests over the past decade, Devotchenko, 49, had spoken out in defence of gay people facing increasing discrimination and criticised Moscow’s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, praising protesters in Kiev seeking closer ties with the EU.

One report said the activist was found by a relative in a pool of his own blood after injuring himself while drunk. According to the Russian tabloid LifeNews, which has connections to the security services, Devotchenko had punched a glass cabinet in an intoxicated rage and badly wounded himself.

On Wednesday night, The Hollywood Reporter’s write-up included a similar array of potential explanations from parties who suggested Devotchenko had, however unintentionally, caused his own early demise:

The actor’s body was discovered on Wednesday in a rented apartment on the outskirts of Moscow. “No signs of foul play have been discovered,” a spokesperson for the state investigation committee was quoted as saying by the news agency Interfax.

The Interfax report also quoted an anonymous police source as saying that Devotchenko’s death occurred as a result of a freak accident when he fell down in a state of alcohol intoxication.

Last March, Devotchenko was among a group of artists to sign a letter condemning Russian military intervention in Ukraine, and he had also rallied for LGBTQ rights in his home country. As The Telegraph’s Tom Parfitt noted, Devotchenko made symbolic gestures of anti-Putin protest in rejecting state-sponsored acting awards and calling for artistic boycotts:

In 2011, the actor said he was renouncing two state acting prizes “received from Putin’s hands”, saying he was “ashamed”. “I’ve had enough of all this tsar-state stuff,” he wrote in a blog post. “With its lies, its cover-ups, its legalised theft, its bribe-taking and its other triumphs.”

A year earlier he had urged fellow actors, artists and musicians to boycott “ultra-patriotic, propagandistic, chauvinistic, anti-Semitic, or pro-Stalinist feature films and television projects” and “agitprop documentaries”.

He also called on them not to talk to “lying and tendentious state media” or to take part in Kremlin-linked banquets.

Money earned from such appearances, “smells of dank prison cells, of neglected hospitals and homeless shelters, of the acrid smoke of burnt-out architectural monuments and historical buildings and night clubs and homes for the elderly,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Russian Actor and Putin Adversary Alexei Devotchenko Found Dead in Moscow

  1. A sure way to cast suspicion on Putin and rather obvious as well. Stupid is not what Putin is and such a ham fisted action is out of character for a former KGB major who could use much more subtle means to remove an annoyance.

    1. Anybody the little carsar doesn,t like dissapears. he gives the order,many have died or dissapeared.

      putins ass is right in the middle of it. you,ll never convince me otherwise. i
      If you kiss Putins ass your a damn fool.

  2. Not sold on Putin either way except for him having some zionist connections, but openly eliminating gay activists in the entertainment industry who oppose him does raise an eyebrow with me. It seems very forward and very easily formed into a story that can be fed to us. Not like anything like that could POSSIBLY happen here? I don’t know enough about the situation but I do know enough about the enemy.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    So,.. it seems the question is: Would (did) Putin have him wacked?

    Well,… Putin is probably annoyed by someone like this,.. but the first question would be,.. did Putin even know,.. or care of this guy’s existense???

    It is also clear,.. that Russians are largely disgusted with the queer agenda (…rightfully so!),.. and it is a given this little turd has offended hundreds,.. if not thousands of Russians who are NOT letting the Rothchild’s/Israeli/Rockfeller/Soro country-destroying gay agenda debauch their nation.

    Another possiblity is: Someone who simply detested everything this gay loving turd stood for,… knew Putin might get blamed for wacking him,.. and is using that.

    Lastly,.. maybe him and his boyfriend had a fight,… and this is the result,… as gays are actually one of the most violent segments of any population (gays only constitute about 1.5% of a population, yet they tend to constitute about 60-70% of mass murders)

    Just a thought.

    JD – US Marines – If Putin did order this,… it will be impossible to prove, or even show the chain of command from Putin to the assassin.


  4. do you really believe some of these people just woke up one day and said hey, I wanna be gay? the gay agenda as you call it is more than just tv Hollywood programming. you know damn well what chemicals can do to a species. we also know mind control has been in use for a long time. look at what we can see everyday going on in the sky above us. now imagine what we can’t see. a friend of mine took a picture one night of a light coming from an unknown low flying object and when he got home to look at it he got more than he bargained for. its what I call proof that they’re hitting us with something. what that is hasn’t been determined yet but i’ll keep you all posted.

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