Russian Nuclear Weapons In Cuba: Why Is The Public Not Outraged?

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So how does Obama plan on side stepping Congress and implementing his new love affair with the Cuban Communist regime? The pen and phone of course. The latest issue to divide us.

President Barack Obama will ease sanctions imposed against Cuba under the U.S. embargo after Cuba agreed to release American aid worker Alan Gross.

The agreement will deliver the most sweeping changes in the U.S. policy toward Cuba since the U.S. embargo on Cuba started in the early 1960s.  

You can be sure mainstream media will spin this as a positive for Obama. But remember mainstream media is a propaganda tool for this administration. There are a few issues that all Americans need to be made aware of before they draw any conclusions on whether Obama’s latest deal with Cuba is good or bad.

First, many people have no idea that Obama disabled our missile defense system on our southern border March 15th 2013. In reseaching this I discover it is almost erased from the internet, although I found this over at DC Clothesline. 

According to an email to employees of
Exelis Systems Corp., the company that built and maintains the system, the
government has requested the program be shut down on March 15. Following is the
text of the email:

Subject: TARS Contract Update

Tuesday, 15 January 2013, we received a government request for a proposal (RfP) to de-scope and close the TARS program by the end of the fiscal year. The government indicated that it does not intend to exercise the final two option years for the TARS contract. In the RfP, the government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks.

The TARS program provides a critical
capability to the U.S. government and we should remain focused on providing
that service in an uninterrupted and robust manner.

The best thing we can do right now is
to continue to provide the outstanding TARS support that has become the Exelis
hallmark, while allowing the company and the government time to continue
discussions on how to best support the customer, the program, and our
workforce. We will provide regular updates as we know more. Should you have a
specific question, please address them to Tim Green, Program Manager.

Tim Green, PMP
Program Manager

Tethered Aerostat Radar System

Exelis Systems Corporation

The Air Force’s website states:
“(T)he system is capable of detecting low altitude aircraft at the radar’s
maximum range by mitigating curvature of the earth and terrain masking
limitations. TARS provides a detection and monitoring capability along the
United States-Mexico border, the Florida Straits, and a portion of the
Caribbean in support of the Department of Defense Counterdrug Program… In
addition to its counterdrug mission, TARS surveillance data also supports North
American Aerospace Defense Command’s air sovereignty mission for the
continental United States.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Exelis employee told Texas GOP Vote this about the announced closure of the TARS sites:

“Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will
be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially
along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas. These defense radars detect
low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders. Without these defense radars, low
flying aircraft will go undetected. It will be open season for any
drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude
missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.”

Most Americans have forgotten these actions by Obama or they never heard of this in mainstream media.

The next issue that Americans still need to be aware of is the fact that Russia moved nuclear missiles into parts of Cuba in 2012. That’s right 2012, so why would Obama disable our missile defense system in March of 2013 after knowing full well that Russia now has nuclear weapons in Cuba?

Why is the public not outraged about Russian Nuclear weapons in Cuba? Because the public simply does not know about it or doesn’t believe it. Let’s look at a direct quote from the President of the Russian Federation in 2012:

“In 2001 I, as the President of the Russian Federation and the supreme commander, deemed it advantageous to withdraw the radio-electronic center Lourdes from Cuba. In exchange for this, George Bush, the then U.S. president, has assured me that this decision would become the final confirmation that the Cold War was over and both of our states, getting rid of the relics of the Cold War, will start building a new relationship based on cooperation and transparency. In particular, Bush has convinced me that the U.S. missile defense system will never be deployed in Eastern Europe.

putinThe Russian Federation has fulfilled all terms of the agreement. And even more. I shut down not only the Cuban Lourdes but also Kamran in Vietnam. I shut them down because I gave my word of honor. I, like a man, has kept my word. What have the Americans done? The Americans are not responsible for their own words. It is no secret that in recent years, the U.S. created a buffer zone around Russia, involving in this process not only the countries of Central Europe, but also the Baltic states, Ukraine and the Caucasus. The only response to this could be an asymmetric expansion of the Russian military presence abroad, particularly in Cuba. In Cuba, there are convenient bays for our reconnaissance and warships, a network of the so-called “jump airfields.” With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year, our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles “Oak” on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this,” Putin said. Source:

We know the globalist are working together to form their New World Order, but how does all of this fit into there grand plan? Now today’s move by Obama with Cuba?  Is this part of building a international order that they have worked for generations to build?

The world is full of distractions, history teaches us that circumstance are not always as they appear when first announced. Could todays announcement be another open door for even more immigration, this time from Cuba? There are already 1,785,547 Cuban Americans living in America, what happens when they want to bring their families to America?

On October 14, 1962, a U-2 spy plane flying over Cuba discovered nuclear missile sites under construction. These missiles would have been capable of quickly reaching the United States. President Kennedy convened a small group of senior officials to debate the crisis. Known as ExComm, they met almost continuously for the next two weeks. The group was split between those who wanted a military solution, such as an invasion or air strikes, and those who sought a diplomatic solution to remove the missiles.

Eight days later, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba and all U.S. military forces to DEFCON 3. ICBMs were prepared for launch, Polaris submarines were dispatched, and B-52 bombers were placed on alert. The world watched as tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union increased. Khrushchev put Warsaw Pact forces on alert. Later, U.S. forces were placed on DEFCON 2.

Nuclear Missile Sites on Cuba

How safe is America from a Russian missile being fired from Cuba? With the collapsing Rouble, along with the weakest American president in this nations history, does Russia have reason to start a war? When economys fail, countries go to war. It appears America’s southern borders are wide open for any such attack which is alarming.

Plus what America will learn tomorrow, US President Barack Obama has promised to deepen economic sanctions against Russia by the end of the week, but it turns out he already quietly signed the bill, according to the State Department.

The world is entering a very critical stage in which destabilization is the goal, both civl and economic. Obama has proven himself to be a liar, he usually has ulterior motives behind every move he makes. Will this time be any different?

One thought on “Russian Nuclear Weapons In Cuba: Why Is The Public Not Outraged?

  1. We can tell everyone all about this and one of three things will happen:

    1. They will get mad for a second and then say, “oh well there’s nothing I can do”.

    2. They won’t believe you at all, shake their heads and laugh in your face like you are some quack.


    3. They simply just won’t care. The football game is more important.

    Those are always the responses I get. It’s sad. No one wants to form a posse or anything. They just want to let someone else handle it. The old “Ignorance is Strength” that this generation has grown up with is so sad.

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