Have a safe Independence Day

Fellow Trenchers~Have a safe Independence Day.

Ours marks 15 years since our 34 year old son drowned in the Big Piney River here in Missouri on the 4th, 2002, after a family canoe float trip, just off the shore from where I’m standing.

His 2 sons, 6 and 4 at the time, were floating on their backs, with life jackets on, and got a little further out in the current, and couldn’t touch bottom when they stood up. They called for our son to come and get them, and as he ran along the shore, someone at the resort offered him a life jacket, which he refused saying he was a good swimmer. Had he taken that life jacket, we would not have gone through the past 15 years of grief, and his sons would have had their Dad to watch them grow up.  

He reached our grandsons, pushed them towards someone on shore, then went down and never surfaced again. So our holiday to celebrate the 4th is not a happy one after that. So have fun, but be safe.

6 thoughts on “Have a safe Independence Day

  1. Paula, so sorry to hear about your loss. Also, you provide a great reminder to be safe and wear life jackets, regardless of how well you swim. A rule around our home and family, the risk is not worth anything, as is obvious in your case.

  2. You’re a good person Paula, keeping the memory of your son and allowing the pain to take you. The pain is the love for him and your feeling is the love you instill in his children. Too many just move on from trauma and loss, or keep it so buried away that they seem cold. Thank you for sharing this unfortunate tragedy to people who are like you and understand your depth and therefore your anguish. Wish I could give you and yours a hug.

  3. Paula, bless you and your family. You raised a hero, and I believe he will always be there with all of you as a loving protector. I hope those fireworks tonight remind us of the heroes among us, often unsung, but always ready to do the right thing. Hang tough, Paula.


  4. I’m terribly sorry about your son, Paula. What a terrible thing to have to endure. Thank you for the reminder for everyone to be careful and not take safety for granted.

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