Santa at Sanford mall replaced for saying Hillary Clinton on naughty list

Click Orlando – by Erik Sandoval

SANFORD, Fla. – A Santa Claus at Seminole Towne Center in Sanford has been removed from his duties after an Oviedo woman claimed that he told her child Hillary Clinton was on his naughty list.

The mother told Towne Center management the incident happened Tuesday night when she brought two of her children to see Santa.  

She said when her 10-year-old daughter told him what she wanted for Christmas, he told her she was on his nice list.

She said he then asked her, “Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton.” The girl said he then laughed.

The girl’s mother called management, and a representative told News 6 that mall officials called the company that hired Santa.

News 6 found out that company is The Noerr Program, Inc., which provides Santas to malls around the country. A spokesman said the Santa in question told them he thought it was a joke, but when the mother called to complain, they removed him from the mall floor.

Spokesman Charlie Russell said his company apologized to the girl’s family.

He also said the Santa in question was sent to counseling in human resources.

When asked if the Santa would be returning, Russell said he didn’t know.

News 6 on Wednesday night found a replacement Santa waving to shoppers and waiting for someone to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Santa at Sanford mall replaced for saying Hillary Clinton on naughty list

  1. I’ll call her a c*nt! There, fire me from the human race!

    Hillary is the most despicable creature ever to slither down the halls of our Capital. Filthy, ooz emitting blob from the depths of hell, swimming in sh*t, stinking like a dog turd, a diggerdan (RIP)”bile bucket of spit”, stench as bad as a dead body left for 2 weeks in a hot trailer house, God I hate that bitch. And she gets Santa fired!

    I guess they fire you for your opinion now. “Don’t think like we do?” “Your fired.” Yes, your non-compliance will have consequences! “You must be assimilated.”

    1. I’m thinking of firing the only democrat in my office

      Just cause I’m sick of her views and hearing about her sore loser crap and playing the victim all the time
      But she’s the one that answers the front door

      So she’s there for fair warning , gives me a tactical advantage if someone plans on busting in and shooting up the place

      So they are good for somethings

      😉 I know
      I’m deplorable ain’t I?

  2. Lol
    I hope he told them to take this job and shove it !

    And I support his position
    So F this mall ! I hope they get a butt load of boycotts and truth mail ( it’s not hate if it’s true)

  3. “The man promoting the Santa Claus myth has to push the Hillary the Heroine myth at the same time…. that’s what we pay him for”. — Sanford Mall Maul.

    all over the country, people are embarrassing themselves by clinging to the lie that the wretched woman is anything other than a common criminal.

  4. My Santa is Dan Akroyd in trading places.
    Going home to a hooker to spend the night…
    Ohhhhfeelyea… I think was Mrs. Klause’s name.

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