Santa Cruz man says “I hate Fox News,” then allegedly attacks victim wearing Fox reporter Halloween costume

Sean KoryConra Costa Times – by Julie Prodis Sulek

SANTA CRUZ — Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly should be outraged.

It appears that someone in the liberal bastion of Santa Cruz doesn’t like the overtly conservative Fox News — imagine that! — or anyone dressing up like a Fox News reporter on Halloween, for that matter.

At downtown Santa Cruz’s annual parade on Friday night, police said, 29-year-old Sean Kory said “I hate Fox News” before grabbing the victim’s microphone prop. The dreadlocked Kory then made an obscene gesture with it before attacking the victim with an aluminium tennis racket, police said.  

The victim wasn’t injured, but he called police, who ran down the suspect as he attempted to flee.

Kory, a Santa Cruz resident, was arrested and booked into the county jail, Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said in a news release.

Police weren’t immediately available to say whether Kory was also in costume — or why he had a tennis racket.

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