7 thoughts on “Screw Obama

  1. If they did, then they wouldn’t be doing the job they’re being paid to do (by their Zionist masters).

    Hang ’em, hang ’em, hang ’em.

    1. Hang ’em, Hang ’em, Hang ’em!

      Hey, this could be a new song. lol

      (Just like the song, “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…Keep them….rollin’, tonight!”)

      “Hang ’em, Hang ’em, Hang ’em. Keep them traitors hanging, tonight!”

      1. Good one NC, I’ll get right on the Hang Em version today! Rewrites and customization used to be a speciality of my drunken azz! 25 years later and Roughrider is still doing my version of Hotel Can’t Afford Ya. Sometimes I do right!
        But a Texan that doesn’t know this song? What is the country coming to?

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