Sen. Josh Hawley Uncovered A Disturbing Pattern From Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee And Child Sex Crimes


Senator Josh Hawley tweeted tonight that he’s found an alarming pattern in the opinions, advocacy and judicial decisions of President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson when it comes to sex offenders and those preying on children.

Hawley says he’s seeing a “pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes.” 

He also notes that she’s advocated for getting rid of “existing mandatory minimum sentences for child porn” and says she’s argued that some people found with child porn are NOT pedophiles, that they are only in it for the collection or are “looking to find status in their participation in the community.”

As far as her judicial decisions, Hawley writes “In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders.” He demonstrates the she’s deviated quite drastically, I might add.

There’s much more so check out the full tweet thread below. It’s somewhat long but it’s important:


Just like it has with Hawley, this should send up big red flags to everyone in the Senate, not just Republicans.


6 thoughts on “Sen. Josh Hawley Uncovered A Disturbing Pattern From Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee And Child Sex Crimes

  1. Could there be anyone else alive today who would be awarded the first prize for GRAND ENABLER?!! Hard to beat this evil sicko. I see it printed on her forehead: I LIKE PEDOPHILES!! CHILDREN DON’T COUNT!!!

    Well, if she does make it to the unlawful “supreme court,” she’ll be amongst other criminals and deviants.

    Sometimes when you think the hate within yourself can’t get any deeper, it fools you and jumps to next level nuts, especially when a demon like this appears.


  2. Never forget, this hawley guy is in on it too and he’s helping to form the real end of why he’s so “shocked” and bringing it up.


    “Ideology aside, Judge Brown Jackson meets the standard professional qualifications for the Supreme Court, and she’s personally well-regarded by every source I can consult. She’s even related by marriage to former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan. (Brown Jackson’s husband is the identical twin brother of the husband of Ryan’s sister-in-law. When Brown Jackson was first nominated to the federal bench by President Obama in 2012, Ryan introduced her: “Our politics may differ, but my praise for Ketanji’s intellect, for her character, for her integrity, it is unequivocal.”)”

    1. As a former friend /attorney/freemason/joo for a wife once told me, “there’s no oligarchy, there’s no such thing as ruling class families”. My apologies, I tolerated him for as long as I could. That helped me a lot years ago to realize ZERO tolerance is a thing for a reason. So many red flags.

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