Sen. Pat Toomey on Gun Control Amendment: “As We Sit here this Morning, We don’t have the Votes” – 4/17/13

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Republican Sen. Pat Toomey said at breakfast this morning, “We don’t have the votes” to pass his amendment expanding Background Checks, co-sponsored by Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. The amendment will be voted on this afternoon at around 4 PM ET:

NRO – Robert Costa: Over breakfast today on Capitol Hill, Senator Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) told National Review that his legislation to expand background checks faces an uncertain future. “As we sit here this morning, we don’t have the votes,” he said.  

“Now, there are enough undecided people that it’s still possible, but I’ll be the first to admit that there is a very, very narrow path to get to 60 votes,” Toomey said, in an interview hours before the bipartisan plan is scheduled to be considered on the floor.

“It’s disappointing when you put a lot of work into something, and you’re out there in a public way and it doesn’t come together,” he said. “It’s disappointing, but it’s part of this business.”

“I think we’ll lose very few Democrats,” he predicted. “The liberal Democrats have zero enthusiasm for this, and they hate the items in there for Second Amendment supporters. I give Senator [Chuck] Schumer credit for telling them to support it, even if they hate it, since it’s better than the system we have now.” . . . Read More

3 thoughts on “Sen. Pat Toomey on Gun Control Amendment: “As We Sit here this Morning, We don’t have the Votes” – 4/17/13

  1. Every time some grossly ANTI-American issue gets proposed by the Democrats, the Republicans milk us for money and energy to fight it …… and then TURNCOAT and SNEAK it through with “just enough” Republican votes to pass it. IL-legal immigrants, guns, whatever. It is always “JUST BARELY ENOUGH” …….. BUT ENOUGH. THAT is why the Tea Party was supposed to be NON-Partisan, because those two-parties are REALLY ONE.
    The Republicans to the Democrats — “NO, NO, NO, Ooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss.”

  2. Votes?? Why do you need votes? If everyone’s against it, Obama will just make it law via executive order.

  3. “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, it does not say how to infringe; what to infringe; whether to infringe; how to infringe; or use judicial advocacy to somehow interpret what the founding fathers and the nation meant by “shall not be infringed.” They specifically said and wrote “shall not be infringed”. PERIOD. Move on to the nation’s economic, immigration and foreign policy issues like declare war on this 10+ year “conflict” or get off the pot!

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