The “Guns Are Bad” Indoctrination of Children Continues: Full Scale ‘Active Shooter’ Drill TODAY at Clarence High School in NY

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Ed. Note: We received this tip from a reader who lives in the area. This is the letter sent out to parents by Clarence High School Principal Kenneth Smith. What caring parent would allow their kids to participate in this brainwashing? Sadly, most of them.  

from Clarence Schools:

On April 17, 2013, Clarence High School will be taking part in an intruder drill. The purpose of the drill is to test the response of the school district and emergency personnel. During this time, the school will practice “lockdown” procedures and “Drill in Progress” will display on the digital sign in front of the high school. The drill establishes a simulated “active shooter” situation. Plastic, non-firing weapons are used by the “intruder” and emergency responders.

An open community meeting will take place on April 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm in the high school auditorium to discuss the drill and what was learned.

Please read the letter linked at the bottom of this article for more details and information.

To read the the letter that went out to parents, click HERE.

5 thoughts on “The “Guns Are Bad” Indoctrination of Children Continues: Full Scale ‘Active Shooter’ Drill TODAY at Clarence High School in NY

  1. At lest they gave prior warning. A lot of these exercises are unannounced!
    It sounds like a really, really, really good day to keep your little debt slave at home.

  2. Remember when I was a kid, we practiced “duck and cover” from a hypothetical nuclear attack. The boogeyman then was Communist Russia. Now, the boogeyman is Disgruntled American.

    Changing topics… What will it take for “Christians” to recognize what Israel really is? The destruction of America?

    Rothschilds basically stole the people’s land with the Balfour declaration in 1917.
    Today, Rothschild Israel continues to expand beyond the agreed borders.
    This luciferian empire kills women and children in a far greater ratio than the few Israelis harmed in the occupation.
    You need look no further than the Israel’s Supreme Court which was donated by Rothschilds to see whose side “justice” is on.
    USA gives billions of your tax dollars each year to protect the base of evil.
    Israel has is a known false flag purveyor, including 9/11.

    Know that Israel is base to the satanic cabal from which to foment conflict, sabotage and religious prejudice. The ultimate agenda is world control in a communistic dystopia. Unfortunately, many indoctrinated Christians unknowingly contribute to the evil through their own ignorance.

    1. Hey you FAILED TO MENTION the iron fist of isntreal on our j-w media(96%) here in america or the absolute filth,pornography and propaganda pouring out of j-w owned holyweird or the j-w owned fed reserve(that aint federal and certainly has no reserves) Most on this site ARE WELL AWARE of who the ones are that are causing misery and committing TREASON here in america As far as that STOLEN land called isntreal it WILL BE RETURNED to its RIGHTFUL Biblical owners .

  3. THe BIGGER picture here is this: we are awakening to the drills that take place during terroristic events. So now, they are going to “drill their asses off”, without a terrorist event actually taking place, so that they can claim that it “just happens to be a coincidence” when a terrorist event actually DOES take place during a drill. Here’s what they will say: “Afterall, we have held over two-thousand drills (for example) but only four of those drills involved an event”.

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