Senator Ginny Burdick’s Latest Clown Hall

Oregon state Senator Ginny Burdick is one of the most anit gun legislators in the nation. Check out the lowlights from her latest town hall, January 21st.

Published on Jan 22, 2014 LaughingAtLiberals

At one point, she admits that “universal background checks” won’t stop the “gun violence”. Later she talks about peoples’ concern with privacy issues, but seems approach it from the wrong point of view, thinking that people are afraid of what the person conducting the background will think of them, as if the seller will be told by the OSP why the potential buyer is disqualified. She apparently isn’t the least bit concerned with the OSP keeping the background check records for 5 years!

Conversely, her cohort, Rep. Jennifer Williamson, has several privacy issues with surveillance.

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