Service dog can’t contain excitement during reunion with former family


Service dogs are trained to be alert and reserved, but one service dog couldn’t control himself after reuniting with the people who raised him. Dale is a black Labrador retriever that for seven months was raised by Lindsay Meyers, the director of development for Canine Partners For Life, an organization that raises and trains dogs to become service animals for people with disabilities.

But for the last year, Dale has had a different owner. He’s been living with a woman named April, who has multiple sclerosis and a cardiac condition. Dale is loyal to April, but there is no doubt that he remembers his original family. A fact that is clear when watching Dale reunite with Meyers on the TODAY show.

The ability to remember people from your past isn’t reserved just for dogs — you might remember seeing the video where a GoPro camera caught Kevin Richardson meeting up with a lion pal in Africa.

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  1. Nice post Angel. My albino, deaf, feline also thinks of me as just another big cat. I love this video.
    . . .

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