Shocking Aerial Footage of the Amazon Forest in Peru

I watched the video and was appalled.

Here’s the shitter, seems all the online map companies are in collusion to hide and censor the extent of the damage….

Please go to these coordinates on google, bing, yahoo, mapquest, and you’ll see what I mean.

Madre De Dios Peru


-12.757124 -70.561312


It’s rather important people realize that the maps can’t be trusted at all.

7 thoughts on “Shocking Aerial Footage of the Amazon Forest in Peru

  1. If my memory functions as it should I seem to recall bill clinton was involved w/ the deforestation happening in the amazon forest . bill clinton = Traitor , POS , 33 degree mason , drug runner , etc., etc., etc!!!

  2. so much for green, preserving the earth, Agenda 21, enviornmental concerns, Earth Day etc.

  3. Apparently, very few people are aware that this massive damage to the Peruvian forests is being caused directly by U.S. Corporate mining interests, who are employing the poor to do their dirty work for them. These are the same folks who brought us the “Prisons for profit” system in the U.S. They make use of the poor to exploit their labors for profit. Please see>>>

  4. But if you are a business here in the USSA don’t you dare spill a drop of oil on the ground or you are in real trouble. They do as they please and lie and hide the truth from the sheep!

  5. We humans are a cancer. Anyone medical oriented or not (or even non homo-sapiens) looking at that even with no knowledge of earth or what have you, would say “wow what kind of f#@ked up malignant being or disease is doing this.” I tell ya, we got a good group of current American corps/individuals that fit the bill. It’s gross when you see this.

    1. Humans are not the cancer, it’s the mindset of some humans and the propagation of that mindset as being healthy. It’s called greed and it is rooted in the lust for power. Power over other humans and just about everything else; that is the true cancer.

      Most humans simply want to live their lives in relative peace and not damage their surroundings in this manner. Yet, at every turn, we are conditioned to think that greed is good and power is necessary. Lies.

  6. Thank you Henry for posting this.

    It’s absolutely devastating what’s been done.
    We know the ‘jews’ owns/operates google so they must be directing the exploitation and cover-up.

    Now for the next mystery….what exactly are they hiding at the polar regions?
    Take a good look around the polar regions and near greenland.


    Same sort of shoddy pixelated copy/paste to hide what?


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