Shoplifter choked to death by store manager for stealing toothpaste

cvcExaminer – by Heather Tooley

A shoplifter was choked to death by a CVS store manager for stealing a tube of toothpaste in Chicago, Daily Mail reports Jan. 17. The manager, identified as Pedro Villanova, clearly wasn’t going to tolerate any stealing in his store — even if it was just a small hygiene item. He chased the man who took the toothpaste and choked him once he caught up with him. A surveillance video captured the whole thing.

The incident occurred on May 8, 2010. Anthony Kyser ran down an alley after shoplifting the item and he was soon cornered by the store manager. They had a brief struggle then Kyser fell to the ground. At that point Villanova got on top of him. Another man entered the scene and helped hold the alleged shoplifter down as Villanova maintained pressure on him. As the video plays out, another man joins the scene, kicking and hitting Kyser. A few others are seen as well assisting the store manager. Within a few minutes Kyser’s legs were no longer moving.

Villanova said in the court papers that he was forced to defend himself against Kyser because he said he was struck by him instead of just handing over the product he had stolen.

The medical examiner ruled the shoplifter’s death a homicide after the store manager choked him. No charges were filed by police. Kyser’s mother has filed a civil lawsuit and the case is pending.

4 thoughts on “Shoplifter choked to death by store manager for stealing toothpaste

  1. It really is a world gone mad. Let the guy have the damn toothpaste. It’s not like it was armed robbery. People will find a way to kill each other with or without guns. It’s the reallity of humanity. Good ole Chicago.

  2. Killing a man over a tube of toothpaste?!? Seriously?!? Vill(ian)nova should be tried for murder and put to death. All those guys ganging up on one person, if that isn’t gang murder, I don’t know what is.

    On a side note: human hands are dangerous weapons! They must be outlawed before someone goes into our nation’s schools and strangles our precious children!

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