Shots Fired At Denver 420 Rally

420-rally-shooting_1366499430038.jpgBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Shots were fired in Denver’s Civic Center Park during the 420 Rally, and at least two people were hurt, according to Denver police.

Police tweeted that one person was shot in the leg and another was also down with “unknown” injuries.  

3 injured by shots fired in Denver’s Civic Center during pot rally; 2 victims appear to have leg wounds, paramedics say

If I had to guess i’d say its some conservative who is having a hard time coming to grips with the eality of marijuana legalization?  This is tragic, although it could have been worse, knowing some mary jane friendly people myself, as far as i can tell, they are some of the most peaceful people on earth and arent out to hurt anyone.  Hope the perp is brought to justice.  -Mort

5 thoughts on “Shots Fired At Denver 420 Rally

  1. Am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be any indication here of who did the shooting. Was it the cops? Another pot head? It’s hard to imagine potheads shooting at each other.

    1. I’m sorry. Don’t want to go tin foil, but.I think we are under attack.For all I know they blew the BP well in the Gulf,blew coal mines in W Va.
      I believe the Sandy Hook shooter& mother were snuffed and a small hit team did it. Look at the pic of the guy with missing legs they show in Boston.Now more attempts to smear “Gun toters”-the quick accusation by the media would tie nicely to a little planned shoot up. I know I’m speculating.
      Some connected Demcom probably dialed *kill on his little fart phone and said Yeah Shooter Newcomb?We got a little job. Interested?
      I really think this is what is happening.

      1. You may be right,I’ve been wondering for years as to how they were going to conduct their war upon us, it looks like perhaps they already have, and maybe it will now just grow incrementally worse.

  2. Their war on us(populous) started a long time ago. It is a baited trap. They want us to uprise so they can rescue the rest of the people with a safe fema dorm room and protected work parties. Hows that for tin foil?

    No normal person would take out infrastructure they need or hurt others that are actually making this place habitable.

    Some peoples children!

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