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SILENT KILLER: Smart meters are destroying your health

Natural News – by Thomas Dishaw

On March 7, 2017, State Senator Patrick Colbeck testified before the Michigan State House Energy and Technology Committee regarding House Bill 4220 which would allow homeowners to opt-out of having to use Smart Meters without incurring fees. He is hoping to, at best, keep so-called smart meters from becoming mandatory in Michigan homes as they have in other states. His pleas are based on evidence of the risk of the cybersecurity threat they pose, privacy invasion, health hazard, and cost increases associated with the use of smart meters. Sen Colbeck believes Smart Meters are “putting our homes, our nation and, frankly, some of the power suppliers at risk.”  

In the past, the data from meters was checked, or read, by a person. The information was compiled and then reported to gas and electric companies for billing purposes. Today more states are turning to smart meters to record resource usage of electricity and water over time. The smart meters automatically send usage information back to the product supplier using RF transmissions, typically based on a cell phone, pager, satellite, radio, power line, Wi-Fi, or Internet communication method. Because the new technology exposes users to EMF radiation, some people have experienced side effects such as:
– Leg cramps
– Eye problems
– Fatigue
– Ringing in ears
– Problem sleeping
– Headache
– Learning problems
– Heart problems
– Balance problems

Smart meters connect every home to a digital network. Unlike analog meters, this new system allows suppliers to remotely control power usage, giving them the ability to shut your resources off if they feel you’ve used too much, even if you are willing to pay the bill for the additional usage. There is also the threat that if there were a disturbance to the power grid on which the system operates, millions of users would be cut off from gas, water, and electricity until restored. (RELATED: Stay informed with news about this silent killer at

Current users of smart meters have reported cases of widespread overcharging and irregularities reported from utility usage. Some report bills are skyrocketing after smart meter installation despite using the same amount of electricity that had been used prior to getting the smart meter. The overbilling is still considered a mystery, and even though companies know this occurs, refunds to customers for overcharging are scarce. When it comes down to it, the suppliers are going to rely on the technology rather than listen to the customer.

If your State still allows you to use the analog meter, you should consider it. Analog meters do not incur the same health and system reliability risks that the smart readers do. If you are not allowed to make the decision for yourself, make sure to continue to record your own power usage to prevent overbilling. Document your historical usage, and then call, email and write letters to your utility company. Continue lobbying to your state politicians to overturn the mandatory usage of smart meters.


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2 Responses to SILENT KILLER: Smart meters are destroying your health

  1. I am from Northern Michigan and we totally support this bill. We also were there when testimony was given at other hearings. A digital “opt out” meter literally almost killed me. 4 Dr. letters said I need an Analog meter to live. Consumers refused and cut our power 9/11/2015. Ironically last week the Head of the Energy Committee, Rep. Glenn, and Co-sponsor of this bill had his smart meter quit. Consumers was right on it and they replaced it with an ANALOG METER. Why then were we REFUSED AN ANALOG for health reason and told there were none to be found. I am 100% Perm. Disabled and into our second No. MI. winter with no electricity?! We always paid our bill!!

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