Slice, chop, toss, repeat

Tootsies are getting cold so now I go in the shop and unload wood while warming up.

30 inches so far…on top of the 16 inches from Thanksgiving.

Wind gusts down to about 30 from 50.

Shazam I’m 66 years old…you think those commies want to mess with me ? 😂

10 thoughts on “Slice, chop, toss, repeat

    1. I know some folks in Cumberland County, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland area. Are you anywhere near there? Just curious.

  1. That is why I do not want to return to Wisconsin, besides them all being communist that is. I was very happy on Xmas day here 70 degrees and mostly sunny. High today of 51. I do not miss the northern climate at all. You are in my prayers.

  2. Remembering how I used to have to shovel snow at ages 10-20+ when I lived on Long Island (and the winter of 1978 with THREE consecutive blizzards!), I feel your pain (and when now in far west Texas when we have deluges like 2 inches of rain in an hour and then I have to put buckets of dirt on our rocky dirt driveway since the rains washed it out…)

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