34 thoughts on “Snow in the Midwest

  1. Sure is pretty paul. Now that we have had a few snow falls I am ready to pack away all of those bulky winter clothes and get down to some summer time. 🙂 .

      1. Yes Paul, I know. I used to run my trap line as a kid for extra spending money how ever now that I am old and kind of tired I have a hard time handling the cold and snowy weather changes very well myself…. Sure is pretty though.

    1. Agreed. Up here, it’s been coming down like crazy all day. Haven’t left the apartment. Sure is pretty to look at from inside, where it’s warm. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting these absolutely beautiful videos Paul. I don’t know where you live, but I am on the central coast of CA, and we only get frost here. It’s nice to see such beauty. Thanks for sharing.
    . . .

    1. thanks Cathleen we live in the Midwest, about 20 mi north of Hannibal mo. as i said in the video. the master artist created these beautiful scenes. I have a bro. in law in phoenix AZ. and i send him videos of our winter wonder land on a regular bases. he grew up in this area. it’s good to remind ourselves that this country is still a beautiful place to be. we can still enjoy some of these pleasures without restrictions for the time being anyway.

      1. “for the time being anyway.”

        Yea, I can see it now,

        “That camera is made by such and such corporation and is therefore the property of such and such corporation and any picture you take from it is also property of such and such corporation. You have the “Privilege” of taking photos with our property/camera. Therefore, you must pay for permission to take that picture and/or post it on the Internet. If not, you will have to pay a fine of $10,000 or up to a year or two in prison.”

        I better stop before I give the corporations ideas.

        Apple, I think is already trying to get people to pay them a fee for just re-selling their I-Pods at a garage sale. What a joke.

  3. Beautiful shots Paul

    I’m up north on I-80 headed towards Spokane. Chicago last night was a nightmare. Stopped snowing around Des Moines, Iowa early this morning. Forecast says clear the rest of the way and for the rest of the week.. A little black ice, not bad though.

    Looking forward to the beautiful views in Montana, Minnesota, and Washington.

      1. Got stuck hitch hiking between London and Toronto back in ’71. The snow was coming down so heavy you couldn’t see 10 feet. I was SURE I was going to freeze to death out there on the side of the 401 Queensway. After about an hour (seemed like an eternity), a guy in a truck finally pulled over, and informed me that he BARELY saw me. I was only 3 or 4 feet off of the highway.
        When I got to my destination, a party at a friend’s apt., (I used to party a lot in those days) 🙂 they said on the news that the 401 (a MAJOR thoroughfare) was totally shut down. They also said it was 50 BELOW with the wind chill factor. SERIOUSLY??? 50 BELOW???

        I may have been born in Alaska, but I was raised right here in So. Cal. I was totally unprepared for anything like that insanity. And after all that, I ended up living in SLC for almost 8 yrs. But after coming back from there, I told myself no more snow.

        I may very well have to renege on that though, considering what’s coming.

          1. wow! you’ve been everwhere man. Johny Cash was too. hah. well now I understand your statement now. don’t blame ya. in my younger years i did a little partying too. that was back when we were free. in the 60’s.

          2. Other than Mexico (hardly counts, wouldn’t go back either) Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, in that order.

          3. So you’ve been to Toronto? Cool! I absolutely love that city. Used to go up there at least once a month on the weekends as it was less than 2 hours from my hometown in Buffalo, NY. It was a great place for us college students to take our girls to for some shopping, beer and nightlife. Lake Ontario is beautiful during sunrise and sunset, which is more than I can say for Lake Erie. Yuck!

            Anyways, it still is my favorite city in North America. However, Hong Kong and Tokyo are still my favorite cities in the world that I have been to. But of course, Toronto is much cleaner and less polluted than the other two. lol

          4. How did you get to Fiji? Must have been nice. I’ve never been to Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Always wanted to travel there back in the day when everything was somewhat normal.

          5. Fiji was a freebie. 2 days & 2 nights thrown in for free as long as I registered and made a substantial down payment before the 10th of Feb. (’07). I was already going to N.Z. & Aus. anyway, so Fiji was a nice bonus. Only tropical island I’ve been to. N.Z. was great too. I had wanted to go ever since “Lord of the Rings” was filmed there. Got to see 5 or 6 different locations where scenes were shot. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

            But best of all was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Au. I’ve never seen anything else quite like it. Of the places I’ve been, that’s the one I would most like to see again. O’Brien’s Irish Pub, Kilkenny’s Cream Ale. Outstanding!!!

            Got to stay off the beach at night there, though. Saltwater crocs. They even post signs.

            They WILL eat you.

          6. Awesome, dude! Only tropical island I have been to is Bali, Indonesia for the honeymoon with the wife. Gekkos everywhere, beaches and water (Indian Ocean) weren’t that great but the private villa with the private pool was perfect along with the volcano areas and island music.

          7. I’m just glad I went when I did. I wouldn’t want to now.

            I was very well received overseas back in ’06 & ’07. I know that wouldn’t be the case now, thanks to the last 5 years of Obummer. I think they hate us pretty much everywhere now.

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