So Much for “Democracy” in the Middle East

As predicted right here on From the Trenches, the peoples of the Middle East and Northern Africa are uniting under a common flag and that would be the flag of Jihad and of course the mainstream propagandists are acting surprised.

For forty years the international elite, using the power of the United States, did implant puppet governments in these foreign states, and of course the illusion we were sold here at home, via the idiot box, was that westernization was being welcomed in these countries and that they were embracing democracy.  It is indeed fascinating that we call so many of these places democracies when they have actually all along been monarchies.

Look at Kuwait.  When Saddam Hussein decided to invade that country to capture territories that had been in dispute, he was given the go ahead by the Bush I regime with a wink and a nod.  However, once the invasion was complete, all of the sudden Kuwait was America’s best friend and so our military force invaded, drove Saddam out, and put the Kuwaiti king back on his throne…for democracy of course.

When Obama bowed before the Saudi king, again, it was for democracy right?

When we are shown these phony campaigns of Romney’s and Obama’s, the mainstream propagandists, by throwing up their phony percentage numbers, portray these tiny handfuls of special interest supporters as representative of us all.  We know this is a sham.  This is the same thing that they have been doing all around the world in portraying the small groups of special interest supporters for these unpopular regimes.

What is going on in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and now in Indonesia is that these peoples have just had enough of the apartheid system that they have been living under for a couple of generations now.  You can only oppress the masses to a certain degree and then they are bound to turn on you.

If you look at this whole thing in reality the differences in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia are between these countries and the Israelis.  For forty years the Zionist controlled US government has been the middle man, delivering up bribes to the Arabs and Asians to get them to tolerate the Zionist Israelis whom they hate.  And these bribe monies have been going to but a few, backed by US military might, who have been oppressing the many.

I do not believe these people hate us American nationals, though at this point in the ball game, they may feel that what is being done to them is a result of our stupidity and our refusal to take control of our own government and cast off the Zionists, which are our common enemy.

Once we have taken our Republic back, those who want to be Muslims absolute and live under Sharia law are going to have to go back home, just as surely as the Americans in their country who do not want to live by their Sharia law are going to have to come back here, that is if we will take them back as they have been participants in this international oppression in our name.

I guess it would be poetic justice if those who are intent on taking away our country wound up being the ones without a country.  And once this terrible fight is over, what other country would want to take in the low lifes that caused all of the death and dying?  Yes, I do believe those who are a part of the international corporate mafia are about to get exactly what they deserve.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “So Much for “Democracy” in the Middle East

  1. Apparently not ALL the Muslim countries hate the Zionist Israelis, it now appears that the Saudis are in bed with the little scumbag weasels.

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