Heavily-armored DHS vehicles seen on road

Fellowship of Minds  Remember these posts on FOTM?:

Now we can add these Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) armored vehicles.

FOTM’s Hardnox received this as an email, but the same information is also inMac Slavo’s article of Sept. 13, 2012, on PrisonPlanet.com. Here’s the email:

Seen On The Road Last Week

What could they need equipment like this for here in the US? They are hitting the road! Caravans of National Guard equipment but with new never-before-seen equipment in the caravans.

Take a close look at what is painted on the side of the Black Humvees.

The Humvees are fully armored — the same standard used by our military.

They are gearing up and now have enforcement vehicles and are training with the National Guard, FEMA and Police.

This armored caravan includes the mammoth GLS vehicle, the largest vehicle on the trailer. You don’t get anymore armored than the GLS, a serious piece of equipment that has never been used inside the United States until now.

Reportedly, DHS has 2,500 of these monsters.

~End of email~

Add to all this the purchase of ammunition (including lethal hollow-point bullets) and high-powered rifles by federal government agencies. See my posts:

The ducks seem to be lining up. See also:


FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska found this info on those GLS vehicles:

The GLS is an acronym for GESELLSCHAFT FUR LOGISTISCHEN SERVICE, the German supplier of these vehicles. These are heavily armored vehicles designed to survive IED attacks. Read more about them, here.


30 thoughts on “Heavily-armored DHS vehicles seen on road

  1. Aw, thanks #1. I remember that back in early may, how time flies. I wanted to forget about that – I never could forget about that kind of scat completly though. Good one though #1 I live about 50 mi.s from there.

  2. “Department of Education buying shotguns in March 2010.”

    Excuse me? Other than being in the inner cities with gang members (which are who the police are suppose to fight, not DHS), what does the Department of Education need with shotguns or any guns for that matter? That’s news to me.

    1. Hunter education courses,of course, ys think, yea right When does the wild pig season start in tx. NC?, how much is a out of state hunting licences,hawhawhawhaw. ROFLO !!!

      1. There is no wild pig season in TX and there’s no limit. They’re considered a nuisance animal. You can even hunt them at night. Fire at will. 😉
        A hunting license is now $25 for residents and $315 for non-residents. Not sure if they still do 5 day, limited licenses.

    2. The DOE has taken to kicking in doors to collect on delinquent student loans. — I kid you not. The DOE generally works in concert with the DHS. Abolish/Demolish them both!!!

      Cheers, JQP

  3. Its apparent is it not that the US government is bringing in its own version of the Schutzstaffel, a separate, paramilitary elite force independent of the intelligence and armed forces.

    I wonder too if the motives are somewhat similar as well where Hitler mistrusted the greater armed forces favouring the SS, SD and Gestapo over the main three arms and the Abwehr, since the Minot base mutiny, there has been a great distrust between the White House and the armed forces who the White House seems to think that when push comes to shove, the armed forces will not fight the general citizenry.

    Take a look back to the early days of the DHS, Bush sourced two specific people, one a counter insurgency KGB specialist of very high rank, the other the last Stasi director in East Germany, ask yourselves this… WHY did Bush NEED two experts in dictatorship and tyranny to help found the fledgeling DHS???

    There has been over the generations a greater dalliance with fascism that the American people are very unaware about, setting aside the Bush connection to Auscwiscz, Belsen etc, look back further to the failed coup of 1933 where the future of the US literally hinged on one mans refusal to help overthrow the legitimate government of the day, the monied and powered elite who also bankrolled Hitler into power wanted a dictatorship to override the very liberal laws of America and if you look, yes there are new additions but there are still the Rockefellers, the Bush’s and other descendent from that era in power and positions of power today.

    Now go read up about how the Russians invaded two European nations right under NATO’s nose, read up on coup d’etat and velvet revolutions, did you American’s think you were immune from your own side?

    1. I would agree with you on the fact that the White House has great distrust for the armed forces which is why they need foreign troops and the U.N. to pose as DHS and U.S. military troops when the time comes for military enforcement on the streets (AKA Martial Law). Note to anyone, I don’t know about you, but if a soldier comes into my house to take me away, and I find out he can’t speak English or clearly has a foreign accent, they better take me out before I take them out. I will NOT be taken away to a FEMA camp by anyone, let alone someone who’s not even from my own country and claiming to be from my country. Ask them a simple question like how many states there are in the U.S. and if they say, “57”, then put one right between their eyes because if they are in the military and they don’t know that answer, then they are either not from our country or have no business serving in the military and protecting our country and are a disgrace to the uniform and our country.

      1. Screw talking to them. Put the bastards in a cross fire right off & take care of biz. U.S. grunts done that “knock & talk” crap & got killed first thing with the multi-point cross fire tactic. When you open your door, you’ll have least 5, burst/auto weps pointed at door. If wep in your hand; you’ll take rounds or a 40mm HE frag right off. Leave the talking for the politicians. Remember, that .30 cal 168gr match hollow point ammo they ordered is for match grade sniper rifles using top grade sighting optics. Most likely there will be a “designated sharpshooter” along with them. Also remember your ROE isn’t the same as theirs.

  4. Yep, people are right. DHS is really facilitating martial law now. Absolutely no need for this stuff and they are bringing it out, regardless in order to stimulate the reaction they need in order to initiate martial law. Plain and simple.

  5. We do have many vets that knows how to defeat these monsters.

    I hate to sound this way but it is the way that the government makes me think…….united we will be, for freedom will be.

  6. There is a need for this stuff, If your plan is to start a war with the american
    people, look this thing is comming down and if you are not ready to hunker down for 6 to 12 mo you most likely are not going to make it, if the power goes out there will be a 70 to 90% die off, dont listen to the liers who tell you not to worry about it, get ready, if not for yourself do it for you family..

  7. Look at those soldiers in the pictures thinking they are protecting the country. We didn’t need them before 9/11 to protect ourselves and we sure as hell don’t need them now, especially when there’s been zero terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since then. They’re living in their own fantasy world. Nothing but baseless and false accusations from the very same Department that is suppose to fight the so-called Terrorism just so Janet Napolitano and company can justify their overblown budget and existence on the streets because no one else asked for them to come into existence other than the shadow government and no one else cares. It’s a joke.

  8. I guess we now know why the government is in debt. I am sure those toys cost a pretty penny.

    The DHS just needs to be dismantled. Bush sure was quick to create it after 911. Everything terrible in this country ALWAYS has the Bush name tied to it somehow. Fricken nazis.

  9. Looks like we’re going to need Claymores or the equivalent at the very least to take those b#tches out.

    Anyone with military training out there with any suggestions?

    1. Do a search for books written by: Ragnar Benson
      Vary your search, looking at file share hostings that carry pdf files of his books. You’ll find what you are looking for. Along the way, you’ll find other “How To’s” that are no longer in print, but are in pdf format.

      You all have one of the most powerful information Freedom tools right at your fingertips. That is why the Tyrants want to put so many restrictions/ Internet “Kill Switch” and spying crap on the entire Web of Users. Get the info now, download it & make hard copy on paper. Paper requires only candlelight to use.

  10. “The Humvees are fully armored — the same standard used by our military….”

    Of course — The DHS is a cut-out for the NSA. Don’t be fooled by their dress code. The DHS IS the military!

    Cheers, JQP

    1. Wait until they start using U.S. grade fuel. Injector pumps & injectors will leak like a sieve. U.S. First Responders bought some of these as Surplus figuring on a cheap way to get heavy rough terrain rig for fire/rescue & one can find them for sale on-line just because of the parts logistics problems they encountered when doing repairs. Parts are a bitch to get. Some of those parts are made out of country & some require a computer geek to reprogram. You can’t just pop down to NAPA/AutoZone & pick them up. Tires are the same way. U.S. fuel has “Clean” enzymes that screw up the injectors & less fuel lube to lubricate the fuel pumps. NATO grade fuel quite different than U.S. “Green Clean” pump fuel. The fuel does attack certain synthetic rubber seals/hoses. Something to be aware of in long term OPs planning.

  11. “These are heavily armored vehicles designed to survive IED attacks.”

    How about those tires? A Moltov cocktail might screw those up pretty nicely. Plus. they’re still cars; they need some type of air intake to operate. I don’t wanna volunteer to be the guy that has to stand there and throw a fuel bomb at an armored car, but if push comes to shove…

  12. I fear the old republic is dead. Long the Republic!
    Food prices are going through the roof this winter, unless Unkle Scam does some sort of emergancy price support thing. They may use the EBT card to accomplish this. At the store I work at (gas station store) the EBT card is used to buy candy, pop and energy drinks,and snacks. Customers use cash to buy cigarettes, rillos and lottery tickets. In some jurisdictions, EBT card can be used to get cash.
    Many middle class households use EBT cards, I dont know how or why this is.
    EBT card transactions are handled by JP Morgan. I know this because it has their name on my EBT card reader.
    I think that some people are going to loose their benefits by means of market price inflation, and when some people who are homeless and hungry find out where they are going to be resettled, the power in charge of civil order wiil need armored trucks for a while until the people learn how to stay alive in a international facist police state.
    Dont forget about heat, or the authoritys will be tossing your frozen stiff corpse on a stack of other poor frozen stiffs.

  13. DHS has big, tough armored vehicles, so what?
    The soft, fleshy protoplasm inside must exit that tough vehicle in order to commit mischief upon the population.
    They don’t do much just “driving up & down” your street, they must disgourge the vulnerable bureaucratic creeps from them to finalize any planned tyranny.
    That reality gives those driving around inside of these vehicles nightmares each night.

  14. While doing construction on highway 97 in central british columbia, canada. I saw two semi trucks with a flat deck hauling two heavy armoured vehicles to, which I hope, Alaska. The vehicles looked similar to the smaller black pictured one above. It was traveling too fast to confirm.

    No offense, but I’d rather in your backyard then mine.

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