So what is in the News, or better yet, what’s not?

To say our right to own and bear arms is facing an all out attack by the communist infiltrators within what is no longer our government would be putting it lightly.  The goal being of course to put we the people under the draconian authority contained in the UN Small Arms Treaty before it comes up to be signed in March.  We are talking about the disarmament of our people for the express reason of leaving us helpless in the face of the foreclosure of our country, a foreclosure admittedly brought about via international fraud.

It is impossible to comprehend that any thinking person could believe one word coming out of the mainstream media.  It has reached the point to where they are no longer attempting to twist the reality but have been reduced to the shoddiest of simple diversions.

Our Bill of Rights is being dismantled right before our eyes and the lead stories coming out of the mainstream are centered squarely on a dramatic effect that should be left to the crime dramas.  Gun confiscation, representing limitless infringement upon an inalienable right, which is now being called a privilege, and the lead story is one woman out of 351 million Americans who may or may not have murdered her boyfriend or a prosthetic sporting Olympian who may or may not have shot his girlfriend, way over there in South Africa.

Anyone watching this crap with the slightest interest, I tell you to pull your head out of your ass and ask yourself what do these events, in the smallest degree, have to do with you and your situation?  And then if you can make the leap past the entertainment aspect, ask yourself why are these stories at the center of the mainstream reporting.

World War III looms as the dollar collapses and the US economy with it, to be followed by the world economy, to be followed by world famine, and these are the stories that get five minutes at the end of the mainstream broadcasts.

I have to believe that to buy into this debauchery of reality to any degree can only be perceived as the 21st century high technology equivalent of burying one’s head in the sand.  If this is the case and encompasses you, then I guess metaphorically speaking your ass must be sticking up in the air, putting you in the perfect position to get exactly what you have coming.

Heaven help any person I hear out in public discussing Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius, as I will walk right up and cuss them and curse them as the mush minded, dead headed, pathetic simpletons that they are.  And I will do so without any fear of any physical retribution as they are spineless cowards who choose to live in a false reality created for them by low budget actors whom they will find themselves enslaved to as a result of their impotence.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “So what is in the News, or better yet, what’s not?

  1. Yes. People have to start seeing the Zionist media for what it is; just a compilation of “news” that’s not important, and a lie about everything that is.

    And “activists” need to concentrate on what’s important too, and stop being sidetracked by non-sense. There’s one issue that matters right now, and that’s keeping America free.

    One gang of idiots e-mailed me this morning to tell me I should be worried about “Pussy-Riot” being in a Russian prison. Another wanted me to waste my time writing to my congressman, who hasn’t listen to his constituents since the day he took office.

    Please avoid all of these nonsensical distractions and focus your efforts on the task at hand, which is securing our own country, because that has to be accomplished BEFORE any of these minor details can be worked out. We can do nothing to save anyone unless we save ourselves first.

  2. Thanks guys for trying to get real issues out, anyone with half a brain left can look around, do some math and realize that the MSM and government are full of shit,,
    Yet the sheeple keep following along, even folks who should know better, its nuts!

  3. Evil is everywhere and is tolerated.

    All these excellent posts show that this is and has been the master plan.

    How can such a situation possibly end good?

    1. Of course it ends good,You dont seem to understand that these vampires must work in the dark(secrets,passing phoney bills late in the night) The TRUTH the mighty tidal wave of truth is swamping these fkn parasites from all corners of america nay the WHOLE WORLD IS SEEMINGLY AWAKED slowly but like a snowball and the dlope is getting steeper and the traitors can see the writing on the wall or WORLD WIDE WEB so OPEN your eyes stand up ,its just that easy.

  4. “Our Bill of Rights is being dismantled right before our eyes ” This happens because those who swore the protect and defend the Constitution betray the people who trusted them. Not only the Prisident, Congress and the Supreme Court but the ATF, Homeland Security, FEMA, state and local law enforcement are all complicit in this treason. Without enforcement these breeches of our rights are meaningless. The blame falls squarely upon the boots on the ground.

  5. I can’t believe it… I have had the MSM Fox on for about an hour now with the volume off and every time I look up at the tv screen they got something going on about that dude killing his girlfriend in South Africa… WTF! Who gives a crap!

    Henry, you keep this site posting “real news” and I will keep copying and pasting it to emails to all my contacts and friends. They won’t tell us the truth, so we have to find it and pass it around through our own system of communications. Like the Guttenburg Press of the internet we shall spread the truth.

    I am having great results with waking people up where ever I go, and with all the news I pass along in what ever way I can, and your site Henry is one of my best resources to gather news and information to spread to others.

    And thanks to all of you who contribute articles for henry to post. I have a couple of chatrooms from radio shows that I frequent where people post news links and I am constantly posting FTTWR articles to attract others to this site. This site always has news that no one else does.

    This is a great site Henry, with a great group of like-minded Patriots! Thanks You!

  6. I don’t post on any other sites anymore.

    With all the best news articles right here, I don’t see any reason to.

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