7 thoughts on “Wishing our Founding Father a Happy Birthday, May he Soon Stop Rolling in his Grave

  1. Thomas Jefferson (my hero) would bitch-slap every one of us for letting these tyrants get away with what they’ve done already, let alone what they’re planning. I wouldn’t be able to look George Washington in the eye if he were alive today. We’ve let them down in a big way. You could easily say we’ve betrayed them, and all they did.

    All of us need to redeem ourselves, and prove ourselves worthy of living in the country they created.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    As some of the regulars on this site know, Henry and I have discussed “The Crossing” (The top video frame) several times (both on air and privately)

    I have found it to be very inspirational, and have watched it several times now, each time, gaining a slightly deeper understanding of their sense of necessity to fight against such overwhelming odds. (The British military was by far the most powerful in the world at the time)

    Odds were not the consideration, as potential personal loss (their very lives) was not,.. but the greater want and need to not be dictated to by a megalomanic or to be abused by the spurious encroachments of a king’s proclamations,… EXACTLY the same rantings of a lunatic mind that we face today, and for the same reason,.. to reduce every American to the status of chattel and cattle.

    As we see by today’s, and the news of the preceeding several weeks, the US Fed Gov’t is nothing more than an “Enemy Force In Occupation”, overtaken by communists, socialists, and in short,.. pyschopaths of virtually every variety, now pushing with all haste to disarm those most likey to fight back.

    Our job, is to reach out to the 3% that ALWAYS is the fighting percentage of any population to be fully awake, prepared and ready. When the fighting starts, as it surely will,.. the sleepy majority will quickly awaken and realize, it is time to choose. They will choose the morally strong over the pyschotic wrong, they will choose the resistance over submission, they will choose freedom over slavery,.. but it is up to the 3% to light that pathway for all to see.

    We will suffer the trial and tribulations for our unwillingness to eradicate the disease now afflicting the Fed Gov’t when it had first appeared,.. but we Patriots, Nationals, Real Americans are the line between Total Freedom,.. and Total Slavery.

    We can NOT let this line fail.

    Talk to your neighbors, friends, relatives, and anyone that you see on a regular basis, and MAKE them understand,.. it is their interest to fight when the time comes,.. or it will be in the gov’ts interest to exterimnate them just a little while later.

    Let us all say a prayer to the Lord in our own way, beseeching his help and guidance, as we will need it, and can most assuredly use it.

    Thank you my fellow Americans, I hope to meet some of you on the field of honor.

    Your Truly – JD – US Marines

  3. I wish I had 1/4 the balls Washington had. God bless him for kicking the mercenaries asses those British cowards hired to try and take him out. The British hired out the muscle for the battle of Trenton because they were cowards. Washington still kicked British ass.

  4. The best professional soldiers of their day, the Hessians were defeated by what the elites of the day saw as little more than an army of rabble. Their hubris was and will again be their downfall.

  5. The Welsh people chased the Romans out of Wales with nothing more than their farm implements – pickaxes, hoes and the like. And it was not only the men, but the women and children as well.

    But then again, they were butt naked, and painted blue from head to toe.

    Must have been quite the sight.

    I think I’d have run too.

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