2 thoughts on “So You’re Telling Me That A Guy Who Calls Himself The Father Of The Vaccines, Proud Zionst Jew, Who Pushes The Muh Holocaust Is Supposed To Save Us Somehow?

  1. Not trying to be dense, but aren’t tptb trying to scrub history? Not teach certain topics and such?
    In no way is this an endorsement for don. I’m just looking for some insight.

    1. How much insight do you need?
      First Jewish president of the United States of America?
      And I do believe it was National Geographic that came out with the story that said six million Jews did not die in the Holohoax because there weren’t six million Jews in Europe at the time.
      And if you are endorsing don or any other criminal of the international corporate mafia, your meanings are quite clear.
      It’s like this. You vote in this election put on by an unlawful occupying force and you are a criminal.
      I’m not going to listen to any political ads of any sort on this site, because any election sponsored by the unlawful occupation is illigitimate and a crime.

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