South Korean Ferry Hero Park Ji Young

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The name tag told me that the photo being circulated of hero Park Ji Young was horizontally flipped. So in her honor I have unflipped it and now present to you what she really looked like.

After the Korean ferry’s captain had fled the ship, she assisted passengers in getting onto rescue boats. When they asked her to come with them, she insisted that because she was a member of the crew, she would only accept rescue after the last passenger had received it.
She died for her valor. She was only 22 years old. I am crying as I write this.  

She was braver than the captain. May our Creator bless her and receive her into Paradise. She earned it.

3 thoughts on “South Korean Ferry Hero Park Ji Young

  1. I’m genuinely impressed with this young girl’s rare, and honorable character. May she rest in peace, and always be remembered.

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