Special Investigative Report Part 1: Dead Pets Dont Lie

Published on Nov 11, 2015

In this first installment of the new SkyWatch TV Special Investigative Report on Genetic Armageddon, Joe Ardis and Donna Howell explain part of the massive .

3 thoughts on “Special Investigative Report Part 1: Dead Pets Dont Lie

  1. So our euthanized dead pets loaded with Pentobarbital are being “rendered” and winding up in the very pet food that probably led to their deaths to begin with, only to be eaten by other pets without anyone’s knowledge. Sounds like “soylent green” to me. This country is so friggin corrupt, who can stand it! Are they disposing of unwanted humans like this too? I’ve heard that aborted babies are used in cosmetics and they even have a soup in china made from dead babies. How do we know they aren’t doing this with unwanted people here? These are genuine concerns.

  2. Nasty bastards will do anything for a dollar, and have obviously already sold their own black souls to ba’al…

  3. This is some really sick shit and of coarse it’s all about money. As far as genetic change that does not come as a surprise, the plan is to create slaves dumb enough to do the job and just smart enough to get it done.

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