St. Louis Anti-Gun Rally Becomes Rally To Cede US Sovereignty

Red State – by Dana Loesch

Earlier today a bunch of well-heeled progressive women from the nice, safe part of Missouri rolled into crime-ridden St. Louis city to condescend to city residents and hold signs proclaiming “Moms Demand Action! For Gun Sense In America!” Because what mom doesn’t demand action for things, gun sense especially? These moms aren’t like those pro-Second Amendment moms, who apparently do not demand gun sense, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  

St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay stood onstage behind speaker Dr. Robert Flood, who remarked how the United States should cede sovereignty to the United Nations because they can deal better with gun crime. You know, the United Nations that has has as members of its security council top-rated countries like Rwanda and Pakistan who are famous for citizens’ safety.

Afterwards, Slay was approached by mother and activist Stacy Washington, who asked him if he agreed or disagreed with Flood’s remarks. Considering that Slay shared the stage with Flood as Flood made them, he had to expect that he’d be asked such.

He didn’t, and left Washington mid-sentence.

I was a bit surprised by this; as Democrats go, Slay is perceived as a moderate. He’s never glommed onto the incendiary rhetoric his party has used or insulted the tea party. While his office did give some preferential treatment to the Occupy movement, he also cracked down on them shortly thereafter and threw them out of the park in which they were squatting. Mass arrests occurred and the Occupiers responded by defacing a city employee’s house and landmarks around the city. Personally, I’ve always had a friendly relationship with members of Slay’s staff which again, is why I am surprised that he attended this rally. It was anything but a non-partisan rally. Slay’s people are always careful to keep him from very polarizing events but in this case, they failed.

Other failures of this rally: only around 150 people from around the area attended. Also, after hearing about class warfare and “one percenters” for a year, I found it hysterical to see that the rally seemed to only attract the most well-heeled limousine liberals. Captions from these photos mention safe, comfortable neighborhoods well beyond the limits of the city. This womanand this woman’s neighborhood is so safe and comfortable that it served as the setting for “Parenthood.” It was also named as one of the “best places to live.” This woman’s cushy neighborhood was named one of the “safest cities in America.” I wouldn’t expect these women to understand the realities of city life or the need for us city residents to protect ourselves. According to statistics, Webster Groves is rated as being 56% safer than other American cities whereas St. Louis is only rated as safer than 1% of American cities. The number of violent crimes, including rape, are incomparable, and the vast, vast majority of these city crimes are committed by criminals illegally possessing and illegally using firearms.

What was the point of this rally? A chance for the limousine liberals to venture into the city for something other than a Cards/Rams/Blues game? And why on earth would St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay share the stage with someone calling for United Nations’ usurpation of US sovereignty?

5 thoughts on “St. Louis Anti-Gun Rally Becomes Rally To Cede US Sovereignty

  1. …I have not consistently lived in St. Louis since 89/90….and enjoyed a great career…having lived in Japan. Germany, Bosnia, Korea..Hungary…a very diverse experience… is good to know that the hypocrites of Webster Groves still know how to row their crooked, corrupt boat…..sad as well…that the political leadership are still the names of the same corrupt families from my youth…as though the corruption in St. Louis is hereditary….or genentic… sad….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. That’s nothing. Try Cuomo in NY. His father Mario Cuomo was governor for the longest time when I was growing up and after Pataki, Mario’s son becomes governor. Now ain’t that a coincidence.

      Kinda seems like the Bush effect and probably soon to be Clinton effect IF (and that is a big if) there is another presidential election. It seems like all of these political positions are nothing more than hereditary/dynastic power position and we keep giving them the power to treat us like slaves. Well I say, NO MORE!!!! It’s time to put these mafia assholes in their place, PERMANENTLY!

      We the people have the power to control our lives NOT them!

  2. Hah! Try Bush the Father and Bush the Boy. And how ’bout Al Gore and his criminal Senator Al Gore. Both these boys didn’t even bother changing their names from their daddies. And the serfs go along with it. And then you got that criminal Senator Chris Dodd and his criminal daddy Thomas Dodd. Then you got Daley and Daley. Barf. The list is seemingly without end. No different from the English Royalty, I guess. The human race had always been doomed. Something in the genes. Sad.

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