States are forcing bad drivers to display “special license plates”


Since 1990 Minnesota has been forcing bad drivers to pay an extra $50 dollars to display “Whiskey” or “special license plates.”

The U.S. has stolen a page out of Nazi Germany’s playbook which forced Jews, political prisoners etc., to wear stars, triangles etc.  

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Minnesota drivers are forced to display “special license plates” if they’re accused of…

Whiskey” plates have unique characteristics that make them readily identifiable to law enforcement.  They are called whiskey plates because they start with the letter “W” and are followed by a second letter and 4 numerals.  It is a misdemeanor offense for anyone to drive a vehicle subject to plate impoundment without obtaining and displaying the whiskey plates (even if the driver has never been involved in a DWI incident).  If a driver owns or co-owns multiple vehicles, he must obtain whiskey plates on all vehicles that are to be driven during the impoundment period.

How long must these special license plates be on a vehicle?

Special registration plates issued must be displayed for at least one year from the date of incident. In some cases, special registration plates must be displayed for much longer than one year (multiple DWI offenses and other driving without license violations.)

Can Minnesota police lawfully stop a vehicle with whiskey plates for no reason?

No, but whiskey plates can be one factor, but not the sole factor, used by law enforcement to establish “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity,” which is the constitutional standard justifying a lawful traffic stop.

These plates are a magnet for highway patrol,” Pickwick County judge John Adkins told the Toledo Blade.

Ohio “Bad driver/DWI license plates”

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If it makes sense for DUIs, why not make rapists and child molesters drive around “special bright red license plates”? And anyone convicted of marijuana possession should be forced to drive around with “special green license plates”.

How long before activists are forced to put “special license plates”on their vehicles?

Mississippi also wants to force drivers to display “Special or Scarlett Letter” license plates.

House Bill 548 otherwise known as the Scarlet Letter Driving Under the Influence License Plate Actwould force people convicted of two or more driving under the influence charges to display a “special license plate” noting their past crimes.

HB 548 would “Require the Department of Public Safety to design a yellow license plate with red letters or numbers to be used as a restricted DUI license plate or tag.”

If you guessed DHS/Police are behind this give yourself a gold star. The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing (COPS) is an avid supporter of stigmatizing bad drivers.

“Alternatively, some jurisdictions require convicted drunk drivers to display specially-marked license plates on their vehicles. There is an obvious case to be made for tailoring the sanctions imposed upon a convicted drunk driver to the likelihood that he will repeat the offense in the future.”

Police admit “special license plates” are designed to DISCOURAGE people from driving!

In some states, “special license plates” are issued to convicted drunk drivers to discourage them from driving Michael S. Scott said.

Click here, here & here to find out about COPS close relationship with DHS.

Don’t forget wherever DHS goes, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is sure to follow. MADD has a close relationship with Homeland Security, click herehere to read more.

MADD Chief Executive Kimberly Earle said the organization supports whiskey-plate laws as a “useful tool” for police.

Since 2008, Washington has been trying to force drivers to put “special license plates” on their vehicles.

“Offenders in Washington would be required to display the special plates for three years after their driving privileges are restored.”

At least twenty one states have introduced legislation to require special plates for bad drivers and alcohol-related offenses.

To find out which states want to force Americans to put “special license plates” on their vehicles, read “Summaries of Current Special License Plate Legislation.”

The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to look for it, soon the government will force anyone they don’t like to have “special license plates and driver’s licenses” (REAL-ID). Click here, here and hereto learn how DHS is using REAL-ID to create a national biometric database.

Forcing motorists to drive around with “special license plates” is the epitome of a Police State.

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  1. People still play into the whole poor jew thing every time. But never ask why ? Why were these people asked to leave people’s motherland so many times throughout history. False scribes, liars, cheats what ever suits your fancys

  2. Cleatus, what are you talking about? It mentioned Nazi Germany, political prisoners and Jews as an example of gov’t tyranny. Besides mentioning them in one sentence, the article is 100% about government overreach.

  3. Not a single oppressive regime or superpower has EVER dreamed of doing the things we do to our citizens. Sex offenders are marked for life, drug offenders are given life sentences and now people accused of DWI will be forced to display “special license plates”.

    How can anyone still call America the land of the free?

    1. on accounta any perv can loiter around a Ladies Room and claim civil rights are violated if he’s called out. It’s the LGTB movement.
      F#@!ed up, in my opinion.

  4. Wouldn’t mind a personalized plate with my user name on it. That would likely garner some attention (unwanted, for the most part, I’m sure).

    IF I could actually afford one, that is.

  5. Bahahahahahahaha! Oh man, this world is so F**ked up. What will they think of next and what will the sheeple give up to follow and obey it.


    Our forefathers are rolling in their graves.

  6. Screw license plates. Just make them put a bumper sticker on their car that says,


    That’ll solve everything. 😉

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