Strange: Clusters of People Just Vanish

Published on Jan 13, 2014 by ChristianVideoChanne

Clusters of people in Government National Forests have been vanishing without a trace for years! When asked to provide missing persons info, the government refused saying there were no lists! Then offered to provide the lists for obscene amounts of money! What are they hiding?

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  1. “When asked to provide missing persons info, the government refused saying there were no lists!”

    You would think that the full-time Park Rangers would disappear as much, if not more than visiting civilians. This would be the first statistic to investigate.

  2. If we wisely disregard any “paranormal” explanations, it seems to me that a network of tunnels, similar to what the Vietnamese constructed, or some other types of hiding places, are only explanations that would fit all the facts given here.

    The inability of the tracking dogs to find the victims can be attributed to cayenne pepper, or the chemical in Lysol that deadens your olfactory senses.

    I vanished in Yosemite for about a week, but I was tripping on LSD. It’s an amazing place.

    1. JR- Who created the tunnels? If they are like the ones in Vietnam, then what purpose would they serve and where would they lead to/from? Sounds almost like that movie: “The Hills have Eyes”. I realize that there are nefarious people growing pot in the National Parks, so perhaps people wandered into their grow patches by accident and were disappeared.

      It would be so much easier to abduct homeless people in the cities; however, I can’t think of many reasons for doing so (harvesting organs?).

      I would also think that with today’s cell phone technology, people could easily be tracked with GPS. If the numbers of people who went missing wasn’t so high, I would suspect that they might have wanted to be listed as missing in order to go off the grid (but not children).

      Guess we’ll have to file this unsolved mystery with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

      BTW: The effects of LSD would have given you the ability to take a long trip without leaving home. I sure wouldn’t do it “alone” in a wilderness area like Yosemite. I guess you made it back OK (physically). Parts of my mind from the 1970s went into the cosmos and haven’t returned home, yet (LOL).

      1. I don’t know who created the tunnels, or even that they’re there, or whether or not they’re like the example I used of Vietnamese tunnels.

        I just said that’s the only explanation that fits the information given here.

        Did you watch the video? And do you have a better explanation of how the people described therein may have vanished?

        1. Yes JR, I watched the video, and had also heard the Jeff Rense interview before (in the second half of the video).

          The only topic that may help explain these disappearances would be paranormal in nature… and you already stated that you wanted to disregard “paranormal” explanations, so I didn’t go there.

          For people to disappear into thin air without an odiferous trace (and without clothes), would require inter-dimensional travel. Note: tunnels can be located with sonic waves; whether the investigators used this technology, or not, I don’t know.

          The fact that the Park Service Administrations are obviously avoiding disclosure would mean that they know what happened to these missing people. These abductions are not classified, so why didn’t the family survivors sue the Park Services and subpoena the information? If any person goes missing, there will be a record of it; therefore, the information exists, and it won’t cost over a $million to produce it.

          Perhaps Chris Carter could revive the X-Files and have Mulder & Scully investigate. I realize that you don’t want to hear about UFOs or paranormal inter-dimensional beings… but there are more people missing than answers to explain how. Again, wouldn’t you expect Park Rangers to be disappearing also?

          “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes

  3. The facts are in this book, and it is quite a coverup. Missing 411 is a book by David Paulides. The book is about missing people in North America and Canada that have been unsolve and unexplained. The book goes into each individual case and describes the scenario and facts of what happened. Some people vanish and then are found later with strange facts surrounding the circumstances. Others are never found and the book highlights on the events in honor of these missing people, alot who are taken from National Parks. The National Parks cover it up and do not maintain lists of these missing people or let it be known to the public. When David Paulides and company tried to get them to compile a list they wanted over a million dollars.

  4. This fella, David Paulides, was a guest on night radio (Coast to Coast) for a couple of hours, about a month ago – he was very very interesting in his depiction of a few cases –

    1. Yeah I heard that interview too. Very interesting how people disappear almost right near other people who were with them only moments before. It happens repeatedly in the same areas. He called them geographical clusters of missing people. The park service is acting suspicious about the whole thing. There is a website if you want to read about some of the cases.

  5. mountain lion
    canabalistic giants (re Steve Quayle)
    hills have eyes (h/t Introspect)
    skunk ape
    mells hole
    lack of skills stuck in manzanita bush
    fall from cliff
    rogue park worker

    I’m not hearing hunters being abducted. I’d pack 4 extra 30 round clips..

    There’s only one place I heard like this, in Four Corners area.

    There have been government tests to kill sheep also.

      1. It must be Mrs. Bigfoot, the woodland’s Domestic Goddess. How else can you explain the part about the abductee’s discarded clothes being folded?

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