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  1. Yep, it happens, oooops.. funny story the wrecker that pulled me out was sitting in the gas station right in front of here. He was just waiting for some idiot like me to make too wide of a turn, this was in the middle of nowhere Idaho.

    This was a rest stop, I spent the night here, and just woke up going to load potatoes. I won’t tell you what the guy charged me to pull me out.

    This is what happens when you take your mind off of what your doing for only as couple seconds.Left front tire was buried, no chance off reversing out, thats how you snap a drive shafts.

    No damage, just looking like a moron….couldn’t see the ditch, it was filled in with snow. Gave everybody a good laugh for the day. And filled some schmucks pocket with cash..

    You can bet the other trucks that were watching this unfold made damn sure they made the turn correctly because some knucklehead showed then how to make it wrong.


  2. “He was just waiting for some idiot like me to make too wide of a turn, this was in the middle of nowhere Idaho.”

    He sounds like some cops I’ve seen; just waiting to make a bust.

  3. “…..couldn’t see the ditch, it was filled in with snow……”

    I don’t drive after dark in the winter because I can’t see any difference between the road, the bank, and the ditch. All just one white plane to my aging eyes.

    The last time I had my license renewed the lady at motor vehicles here told me “next time you’re going to need glasses”, and it sounded like she was letting me off the hook for needing them back then. My license is up for renewal this year and I’m going to squint like crazy to avoid having the “needs corrective lenses” stipulation added to my license.

    Looks like hell getting that rig stuck in the snow, Mark. Glad you got out quick. Even if you didn’t damage the truck, I”m sure the tow and the down-time cost you some money.

  4. Your title rhymes with the very word that’d have been blurted from my mouth!

    Please don’t tell me that the tow-bill comes out of your pocket. Everytime I ditched or otherwise incapacitated a company vehicle, it wasn’t me paying the bill, or it would still be there, in the ditch. They had to rescue their truck, as my body is easily replaced with a more competent one, and not subject to parking tickets.

    You have done a great service to the rest of the community by delineating the roadway parameters, if only in a small area. You could feel proud.

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