Supreme Court Decision Facilitates Austerity Measures

In economics, austerity refers to a policy of deficit-cutting by lowering spending often via a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided.  Austerity measures are being instituted in the European socialist countries as a trade off for bailouts to finance further debt.  As indicated, austerity is socialist term, as socialist countries rely on a system that depends on government control of every aspect of existence.

Since the theft of the $32 trillion from the American people by the international corporate mafia banksters, the socialist insurgents within our government have been mumbling the word “austerity” and looking to see how we react.  $32 trillion has been borrowed in our grandchildren’s names and given to the international banksters around the world and, as this is a money scam, those who got the money were the ones we borrowed the money from.

Now they want to enact austerity measures upon the American people to collect, with interest, the money we borrowed from them to give to them.

We’ve all been noticing the volatility in the stock market.  This is because we had reached the point to where we were either going to accept the establishment of a social democracy in the place of our constitutional Republic or the austerity could not be implemented as you need socialism to have austerity.

With the treasonous Supreme Court’s affirmation of the replacement of our constitutional Republic with a democratic socialist one world state, the door has been opened to implement the socialist austerity measures.  And the stock market is soaring.

The propagandists are trying to convince us that the rich elite do not like this new tax.  Bull.  This is the austerity and as all the money that will be taken from the poor and middle class will be going directly to the corporations, to pretend that the corporations are adverse to the operation is ludicrous.

Cut through all the crap and look at the reality.  The poor and middle class are about to get a lot poorer and the filthy rich are about to get a lot filthy richer.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Supreme Court Decision Facilitates Austerity Measures

  1. Henry, another aspect of socialism that is by passed is that it suits the entitled, their banking cartel supplies their newly created money to the Government at interest. It does not matter if the interest (usury) is 1% or 10% it costs the bankers nothing to create the money needed to fund socialism. As they would say socialism is good for business when you CONTROL the issue of money.

    Austerity means that people are impoverished and impoverished people rely on Government socialist handouts and can be controlled more easily. So fascism is accepted and we lick the arse (buttocks) of the entitled in gratitude for throwing some crumbs trickling down from their largess.

    Our blood should boil at these leeches that inflict suffering and misery by doing what they describe as God’s work.

    Ron Paul calls his liberty crusade a Revolution, it is a bottom up power to the people instead of a top down power of the entitled ones.

    Everyone of us should join the revolution. The time has come and it cannot be stopped.

  2. I like it. They loaned it without our permission, let the recipients pay it back. No one in my family has received so much as one thin dime. Let them screw each other for a change. If not that, Let the lenders pay for it. It is not my bad loan or my bad debt!

  3. Imagine where you live after a banking holiday?

    In less than 4 hours no more
    Cable TV
    Cell Phone
    Internet Connection
    Drugs (illegal and pharmacon )

    Get ready, if you can’t hear the Greeks yelling
    “get food and get ready”

    I just told you

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