Surfside, Miami-Dade building collapse leaves 1 dead, search-and-rescue operation underway

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Dozens of rescuers in South Florida are searching for survivors Thursday after an apartment building partially collapsed, killing at least one person, police confirmed. 

Authorities told reporters that they have rescued 35 people from the building so far, with two people rescued from the rubble itself. 

Surfside police told Fox News it is unclear how many people were inside the building at the time, but a firefighter on the scene could be heard saying there are multiple casualties.

“Over 80 MDFR units including #TRT (Technical Rescue Teams) are on scene with assistance from municipal fire departments,” Miami Dade Fire Rescue said in a tweet.

Firefighters pulled at least one boy from the debris, according to photos online. A reporter from CBS Miami said at at least nine people were transported to the hospital.

Officials received offers of support from Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, as well as Gov. Ron DeSantis, to provide anything needed for the search-and-rescue operation, which may take up to a week.

The building address is 8777 Collins Avenue, according to Surfside police. The sea-view condo development was built in 1981 in the southeast corner of Surfside, on the beach. It had a few two-bedroom units currently on the market, with asking prices of $600,000 to $700,000, police said.

One witness who was on vacation in the city with his family told Fox News he was next door when it suddenly sounded like a tornado or earthquake.

“It was the craziest thing I ever heard in my life,” he said.

He added that he believed much of the building was occupied.

He estimated that the collapse occurred at about 1:20 a.m.

Joel Franco, a Miami-based freelance journalist, was live-tweeting from the scene. He noted that an urban search-and-rescue truck was at the scene. He posted another photo that he said showed about a dozen people who were rescued. Two were embracing. He posted, “This is tough to document.”

“I did see some family members being rescued by a crane from the Miami-Dade Fire Department,” he said.

The building is one block away from where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are leasing a condominium, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue set up a family reunification center nearby, and asked anyone who has family members who are unaccounted for or are safe to call 305-614-1819.

See pics here:

8 thoughts on “Surfside, Miami-Dade building collapse leaves 1 dead, search-and-rescue operation underway

  1. After seeing this , its hard to believe only 1 dead …(so far) if that’s all that died in this the owner is very lucky .
    how much you want to bet they knew of problems with the building , but said nothing because their greedy pockets were full of renter cash they couldn’t bring their lack of conscience to do the the right thing and fix the problem I-40 bridge , and many like it

    who built it?.. it isnt that old

    Low Bidder , no doubt

    Ok the numbers
    rescued 35
    and 1 dead ..36 people came out of a building capable of housing 100 families , and they said it was almost 100% full

    ahhh i aint that great with math , but id say there’s a lot of missing people still ,
    tell us the true number of residence ..than compare 36 to that

  2. Only $600,000 to $700,000 for a two bedroom unit, such a great deal. I’m guessing that the location had something to do with it. I’ve heard that the salty sea air has quite a corrosive effect. The building is just about the right age for that being the cause.

    1. Boy you aint liyin Thats a fact
      I built a chromed out Harley back in 89 and rode down there for spring break
      every morning i was pissed as i had to go wash the salt dew off my Bike , shit looked like white fuzz

      I noticed they were “working on the roof” too

      did they over load it ? what exactly were they working on it for?

      1. Come on, guys. There was a storm, don’t you know. The son of a bitch was struck by Jewish lightening, and most probably the insurance on it was doubled last week.

  3. I’ve yet to see what they’re telling us the cause is. I wonder if a list will be published of all the names of the residents and of who might have a vendetta against any of ’em? Could be, who knows?


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