2 thoughts on “Swiss cardiologist calls for the abolishment of the WHO.

  1. Me thinks this all to honest man is gonna get suicided, a shame as he speaks the truth and well that ain’t good.

    1. I hear you, Harry. He now has the infamous bulls-eye on his back. But what will come of it? We have so many noble whistle-blowers coming forth. They make deeply incriminating statements of profound truth, and the world keeps spinning. Still, may all these disclosure keep coming and add up to something effective and may we back them with our readiness and willingness to fight.

      On a side note, because I have so many family members horribly impacted by the bio-weapon, I related to this comment I recently came across by someone named Allie:

      “We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying ‘I told you so’ in the history of the world.”


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