3 thoughts on “Swiss cardiologist calls for the abolishment of the WHO.

  1. Good that he makes such a strong statement in exposing the poisonous bio-weapons, but too bad he directs people to the courts. Could he not know they are equally corrupt? Our Common Law Courts are the only lawful courts.

    Regarding the admiralty courts… Well, some things die slower than others, but die they will. Are we not obliterating them by refusing to participate in their ways and means? Yes we are.


  2. This guy still recognizes “covid” – says so in the first minute of the video. While he says some great-SOUNDING things about “smashing the WHO into a thousand pieces” & how governments are complicit why not just come straight out & say that “covid” is rebranded flu? It’s so obvious to ANYONE who actually just looks at annual flu death numbers compared to “covid” deaths alone. His main argument is against mRNA vaccinations. He also says that mRNA vaccines “turn parts of you into an alien”. While we understand what he’s actually saying here think how that sounds to the walking dead who have been programmed to believe that anyone who opposes the status quo is a “nutty conspiracy theorist”. If in fact this guy is genuine in his concerns he’s doing himself, and us, no favors at all by adding that “alien” line in there. On the mention of “courts” I will at least concede that he makes no clarification on what type of courts he’s talking about – has that been left completely open to interpretation? Is it just a simple way to say use some form of “court” instead of violence? I would prefer clarification & commitment from a speaking head either way on this one myself so I don’t let him off for that either.

    My stance is that ALL these people who pop up saying stuff like this are actors playing a role in the propaganda machine until absolutely proven otherwise. Even the unwitting ones are being used because generally they still support the overarching systems put in place to control the masses. For example, this guy says he’s against “mRNA vaccines” but you can bet if mRNA was replaced by something else that he thought was ok then he would still support the idea of an alternative “vaccine” & alopathic “medicine” per se plus he still recognizes “covid” as an actual thing. Instead of saying “smash the WHO into a thousand pieces” why not say smash the unlawful, unelected, undemocratic, jew-money funded United Nations into dust? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because this guy is actually a Freemason or the like & he knows that if you “smash the WHO into a thousand pieces” that will mean there’s now a thousand pieces of the WHO scattered around creating a “thousand Points of Light” to continue the NWO’s work on a global scale even more effectively. I may be speculating but what I’m really saying is do the work, LISTEN carefully, LEARN from everything that has gone before & NEVER take anything at face value! Personally I think we have to be very black & white in how we deal with all this. I’ve already used one George Bush quote above so let me finish with another – “You’re either with us or against us” – oh Georgie, we are all SO against you & our numbers & our strength & our resolve are growing daily!


    1. Ally, way to see through the propaganda by painting such a vivid picture of what it really looks like with the hidden pieces so well highlighted! I am starting to see what that first Common Law jury might look like with the kind of individuals who have a mind for the TRUTH stepping up to activate those 10 Articles which guarantee our right to the truth under due process of the law! You make it easy to envision one of the first 12 jurors in the making, right now!

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